Hooded Wolf Cowl – Pattern Review

As I said earlier in the month, I have been working hard on some hooded wolf cowls for a friend of mine. I have always had some issues making hoods, so I decided to start looking for patterns. What I found was a killer pattern for a hooded fox cowl! Well, that’s simple enough, all you have to do is change the ears, and it can be turned into almost any animal. Trust me, that is a project for a little ways down the road. I have so many plans for this pattern. But for now, these wolf cowls are available in the shop!

Well, about the pattern, I absolutely adored this pattern. It was so, so simple to follow. She even included a neat tutorial to help you if you are having problems with the connections! This cowl worked up really quickly. It took me less than 2 hours to make a child sized one, and about 3 hours to adjust it to make an adult sized one. Oh! And did I mention! She even includes instructions on how to adjust it to become a larger size! No one does that anymore! I am so glad for that! Basically, this is one of the coolest, easiest, most fun patterns I have seen in a while. I will definitely be making and reviewing more of her awesome patterns. Just as soon as I have time.

Oh, and the bow came from Repeat Crafter Me. Because apparently, girl wolves have bows. Duh. Everyone knows that.



Pattern Review – Full Fingered Gloves from CrochetandKnitting.com

If you have ever tried to find a pattern for full-fingered gloves, you know exactly the pains I went through when I first started to try to make these. There are approximately 1,345,653,890,123,324 free crochet patterns for “gloves” out there…and I found about 10 for full fingered gloves. Everything else was fingerless. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I wear gloves, I am wearing them to keep my hands and my fingers warm. I hate to be cold. I hate it more than anything. That is a large part of why I live in Southern California (where it is presently 70F) instead of Connecticut (where it is presently 25F). So why, in the love of all things warm, is it so hard to find crochet patterns for full fingered gloves? Knit patterns, sure! Sewing patterns, sure! Crochet patterns? Ugh!

After a thorough search of Pinterest, I had narrowed it down to 3 patterns…I took my I Love This Yarn in the most obnoxious color I could find, and I started with the first pattern…it took about 10 rounds to realize that it was not even kind of going to work…I frogged it…looked at the next pattern…It stopped halfway through the pattern.

My hopes were not high by the time I got to this final pattern. But, the gloves looked cute, and it was worth the 30 minutes I had given the other two patterns.

This one worked. It not only worked, it was simply and easy to understand. The gloves turned out to be super, super stretchy, very warm, and very easy to put together. It is an absolute must have in your winter wardrobe. I did not have to make any changes to it, aside from resizing for larger sizes. Now, these gloves are definitely a woman’s small, or a teen size. They will not fit giant man-hands. But, they were fairly easy to resize and make a larger size glove.

Sorry for the immaculately short post, but life is crazy right now. I will try to post some resizing guidelines when I have time to sit down and remake a pair of these gloves. But for now, good luck! Try to complete the pattern in its originality, and try to resize it! It is easier than you think, and I believe in you!

Crochet gloves

Full Fingered Gloves

Crochet gloves pattern



In my about page, I talk about the devastating earth quake and tsunami in Japan, and how that got me back into crochet. Well, here is sort of the elaboration on that.

In March of 2011, I went home to Las Vegas on leave to see my best friend who was ready to give birth. While she was in labor, I watched on the news as an earthquake and tsunami devastated the country I was living in. I spent a couple extra weeks in the US, trying to get back to Japan. But, in the meantime, I was left with more free time than I had ever had, and no vehicle. I couldn’t afford to keep renting a car! So…off to this magical place called JoAnns I went! I found the fluffiest, silliest looking yarn. It was called Red Heart Pompadoodle. (It is now discontinued, which is sort of devastating to me.) I bought a few skeins of it, took it back to my aunt’s house and made a scarf while watching a movie. This yarn is really hard to work with, because of the pompoms attached. It makes it hard to see your stitches. And heaven forbid you have to take this yarn apart! That is an even bigger nightmare! It sticks and grabs and the pompoms get caught and ugh…I have a few half done scarves that I messed up on and became homicidal before I finished taking them back apart. Anyway…I made a few of these scarves, and my gramma, mom, and aunt loved them. They all wanted one…so I went back and bought some more yarn and made a few more…and this is just sort of what I did while waiting for returned phone calls and emails from my sailors and my command. Then came the 16 hour flight from LA to Tokyo…do you have any idea how many scarves you can make in 16 hours? I actually ran out of yarn first.

Well…now I had a dozen or so of these scarves in my bags and they got dumped in my house in Japan in my craft room. (This was really just a room without heat or A/C that I stored all of my yarn, photo albums, and half finished blankets.) Well, I spent about a week in Japan without any real clue as to when they were going to fly us back out the to ship…and because of the earthquake, a lot of the businesses in the area, and half the base, was shut down…so, I did what any good crocheter would do…I went to the 100yen store and bought more yarn…of course, it wasn’t nearly as cool as my pompadoodle yarn, but it would do. I started making some blankets, though I didn’t get far at all…I ended up taking those out and using those yarns to make elephants in later years. Anyway…I got distracted from the blankets because it was finally time to fly out to the ship…and after a few days onboard, in the awesome mail plane came MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE pompadoodle yarn. I am serious…half of my storage space in my rack (bed) was this yarn…it was so much yarn. But, I just kept making scarves. I mean, I was fully qualified, I was running a division with some completely awesome leaders working directly under me, I had to find something to do with the 2 or 3 hours a day that I should have been sleeping, but never could. Well, as you can imagine (and even if you think they suck, pretend with me), the scarves were a huge hit in berthing (our living quarters) with the ladies. So, I gave away probably a dozen scarves on that underway…and that Christmas, every lady I knew got a pompom scarf for their gift! It was a little ridiculous. Well, when I got back to the states, I decided to open up my very own etsy shop. I listed exactly 3 items…3 pompom scarves. Well, after a year and a half, the pretty blue one finally sold…I also realized, after actually figuring out how much it cost me to make this scarf, I lost money on that sale. Which was sad, because no one wants to pay people to take their stuff. The beige and pink still sit, waiting for their forever homes. However, I have a feeling that these are more of a craft sale item…you really need to feel just how amazingly soft they are to really understand the value of this yarn…soft and warm. Too bad I don’t wear scarves…because these are pretty cool.

Blue PomPom Scarf
Sold to a very warm and happy lady!

Pink PomPom Scarf

This could totally be yours!

Beige PomPom Scarf

This could go with your every outfit!