Daisy is Getting Married!

A while back, I posted about creating a Donald Duck amigurumi for my pending vow renewal. Well, I have finally gotten some time and was able to sit down and create his beautiful bride.

Daisy here, see, she is no ordinary bride, to dress herself in all white. She needs some color, some pizzazz, some oomph. So, she is sporting a glorious dress with a bride red top and a skirt of reds and whites. Isn’t Donald a lucky man?


Elephant Pillow – Pattern Review

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about not giving up when  you are struggling. This is the project that I was having such a hard time with. As I said before, I cannot pinpoint why I was struggling, as looking at it now, it was really very simple. I think I was just reading too much into it and making it far more difficult than it needed to be.

So, here she is, the grand and viral Ira Rott Elephant Pillow! I love how she turned out!

This pattern is really, really well written. Ira included several graphs, lots and lots of pictures, and it is written from a really basic standpoint. There are some more advanced stitches in this, such as the picot. But, she even includes a brief tutorial on how to make these stitches.

I think this is a wonderful pattern for a slightly more experienced hooker to work on. The ears may be too much for a beginner. But, I have faith that someone with enough dedication, even if not the experience, can make this lovely elephant.

Oh, and this is my new favorite bow pattern. Ever…It is pretty much amazing.

You can also pick up the completed pretty lady right here.




Fat Cat – Free Crochet Pattern

This is easily one of the easiest, quickest, most fun patterns I have worked on in a long time. I really enjoy making these fat cats, and there is a plethora of them now in my amigurumi army.

This pattern is very well written, simple to follow, and even includes pictures and diagrams to help you through the slightly more difficult parts. (There is only one part that isn’t super easy, which is connecting the ears.)

The actual pattern is written to include a strip on the cat, so you will need to be able to color changes. I prefer a single color cat, as I am boring like that. But I do adore them.

When I first made them, I gave them different colored tails and feet from the main body. I ended up not liking it very much, but I kept the photo because my awesome friend photoshopped a face onto it for me, when I was debating how on earth I was going to give this thing a unique and adorable face.


These are my finished guys with their faces. I think I came pretty close, considering my embroidery skills are horrendous and it has been a constant learning process.


These cats are a MUST for any crocheter who adores cats or knows someone who does. And if you don’t crochet, don’t worry, I can totally make them in a million colors for you!


Patchwork Long Beach Spring 2016

This last Sunday, I took part in the annual Patchwork Makers Festival in Long Beach, CA. Since I was new to the event, we opted to go with the less expensive, smaller booth size. Which, unfortunately, meant no tent and no Cutie Pie. But we stilled  managed a pretty cool looking booth (we did end up using a box to prop up the top part of the owl blanket), and drew in a fair share of customers. My newly released ice cream amigurumi did quite well, and my fat cats were once again a huge hit.



The baby doll ended up being the highlight of the show! We had multiple people come over who thought it was a real baby that I had balanced on the table for display. A little ridiculous, but funny and got people talking to us.



I learned a handful of lessons at this show. Like, apparently I need to make adult sized bearded hats and octopus hats. And I am also looking into turning some of my products into rattles as well as just plush toys. Everyone thought the ice cream cones and weights were rattles, and seemed interested in that.


I also found out that you shouldn’t buy things off of Amazon when you are tired. I purchased the green umbrella while I was on vacation in Hawaii. Sunnydaze Steel 5 Foot Sage Green Beach Umbrella with Tilt Function. I had read the reviews, or so I thought, and notice a coupel bad ones, but they mostly talked about the colors, and the rest were positive. Now, looking back, I do see 3 bad reviews (one is ours) since I purchased, but I am only seeing 6 reviews in total…and I could have sworn I had read 15 or 20 when I purchased. Either way, the umbrella is a piece of crap. It is nearly sheer, and it provides exactly zero protection from the sun. I got a horrible, awful, painful, terrible sunburn. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I will go back to only getting spaces where I can set up my whole canopy.




Ice Cream Sugar Cone – Free Pattern

While on vacation, I decided to start working on a new product line. I needed something quick and easy, something at a lower price point and easy to make lots and lots of for shows. And since it was hot and I was in Hawaii, I figured, why not go for ice cream!?!

I love the little sugar cones; they are super easy to make and such a fun little project! They would make a great first project for any newish crocheter!
I used worsted weight yarn (HL crafters secret), an H hook, safety eyes, and yarn art crochet thread for the mouth.

This pattern is worked in rounds, do not join or turn.

Ice Cream

Rnd 1 :           magic circle, SC 6 into magic circle (6)
Rnd 2 :           2SC into each st around (12)
Rnd 3 :           *2Sc into first st, SC into next st* 6 times in total (18)
Rnd 4 :           *2Sc into first st, SC into next 2 st* 6 times in total (24)
Rnd 5 :           *2Sc into first st, SC into next 3 st* 6 times in total (30)
Rnd 6-11 :      SC around (30)
Rnd 12 :         *SC2TOG, SC into next 3 st* 6 times in total (24)

Finish off, leave long end for sewing.
Insert safety eyes, embroider mouth, stuff



Sugar Cone

Rnd 1 :             magic circle, SC 6 into magic circle (6)
Rnd 2,3 :         SC around (6)
Rnd 4 :            *2Sc into first st, SC into next st* 3 times in total (9)
Rnd 5,6 :         SC around (9)
Rnd 7 :            *2Sc into first st, SC into next 2 st* 3 times in total (12)
Rnd 8,9 :         SC around (12)
Rnd 10 :          *2Sc into first st, SC into next 3 st* 3 times in total (15)
Rnd 11, 12 :      SC around (15)
Rnd 13 :           *2Sc into first st, SC into next 4 st* 3 times in total (18)
Rnd 14,15 :      SC around (18)
Rnd 16 :           *2Sc into first st, SC into next 5 st* 3 times in total (21)
Rnd 17,18 :      SC around (21)
Rnd 19 :           *2Sc into first st, SC into next 6 st* 3 times in total (24)
Rnd 20-22 :     SC around (24)

Finish off.
Stuff and sew ice cream to cone.


Product Photos

If you list it, they will come. Haha. Seriously though, getting found in search is a ridiculously important part of listing things and having an online business. But, if your listing shows up and your picture sucks, it probably won’t do you much good. You need super amazing photos to go with your super awesome SEO.

Now, I’m definitely not tooting my own horn and saying my photos are amazing. But, hey, they are getting better.

I finally admitted that I desperately needed to do something about my terribly crappy photos. So, I spent some money on a few different backdrops that were on sale, went to Michaels and bought a few props, and spent Saturday taking some new pictures. I only made it through 3 items, but i got tons of photos and even more listings ready along with it. 🙂

So, here are my behind the scenes iPhone photos my husband took while I was shooting.



And here is my favorite of my final product photos! I am so excited!!


Burninate!! (Pattern Review) Red Dragon Toy

Now, this pattern was easy enough to make all of the pieces. The only difficulties I encountered at all were sewing everything together. I feel like the photos were not fantastic for that part, and there was no guidance in the written pattern for it. So, I sort of just stuck the parts on there until it looked like I wanted it to.