June Review


June was a very busy month. As evidenced by the fact that it has been over a month since I’ve blogged, and that I am not closing June out until nearly the end of July. And July was just as busy, so no high hopes there.


It is pretty safe to say that I have given up on my plan for the year. I have fallen so far behind, and I have so much else going on, there isn’t time for it.

I have changed directions with product for a brief moment in time while prepping for the one and only festival I plan to do this year. And, unfortunately, it looks like I will be giving up my major money maker, as I have not had time to sufficiently prep for Halloween this year, as I have in previous years. Plus, I am officially a full time college student again, and still working a full time job. So, being that this business wasn’t exactly raking in the cash to support my family, it is sadly going to sit on the back-burner, smoldering.


June Plan


May 29 – Halloween Props

Jun 5 – Amigurumi
Nope. Though, I did have a couple of orders that were amigurumi…does that count?

Jun 12 – Photo Props
Not for the shop, but I did make a really cool princess blanket for my niece, and a really bad airplane blanket for my nephew. Oh, and I also made a photo prop for a customer order. Does that count?

Jun 19 – Christmas Props
Nope. I was scrambling to finish an airplane.

Jun 26 – Hats
Nope. I actually didn’t crochet at all while I was in Europe. Except for maybe like two hours on the plane.



Yarn Purchased in June

10,955 yards total (YIKES!!)
1,775  yards of Crafter’s Secret (for the photoprop and amigurumi orders)
9,180  yards of Pound of Love(for the blankets for the kids and because I had a minimum to spend for my coupon)


Yarn Crocheted in June

3,315 yards total (Not too shabby considering I spent a week out of the country and not working)
1,065 yards of Crafter’s Secret (orders)
2,250 yards of Pound of Love (gift blankets for my family)


Sales History

  • 2013
    • 0 sales for 0 items
  • 2014
    • 0 sales for 0 items
  • 2015
    • 12 sales for 12 items, increase in revenue
  • 2016
    • 16 sales for 18 items, increase in revenue (includes Patchwork Festival)
  • 2017
    • 5 sales for 5 items, large decrease in revenue




May should make for an interesting month. Personally, I have a lot to handle this month. However, I am only out of town for one weekend, so it should be more feasible to get some serious crocheting done. We shall see.


May 1 – Charity

May 8 – 4th of July Props

May 15 – Free Week

May 22 – Pinup

May 29 – Halloween Props


Piecemakers Festival

I am sorely, sorely disappointed with this festival. I try not to badmouth the festivals I don’t enjoy, but this one was so ridiculous, that I feel the need to warn people about it. I will not be returning. I have walked this one, I have seen amazing photos, I have followed it…and my experience as a vendor was frustrating. Speaking with other vendors, it seemed that was the general consensus. This year, it was poorly planned, poorly spaced, and had no real oversight. People were tearing down early, bringing cars in early and block booths, they tried to add more booths, so some of the booths actually ran into other ones and blocked them, and the vendor parking was 2miles away with a single shuttle running…that we waited 30min for to get the truck to pack up after we had totally broken down. It was ridiculous.

As far as sales and customers, people were not out to shop. People were absolutely out to get ideas and spend a Saturday hanging out. It was frustrating, but I can deal with that. What really bothered me, was how unbelievably rude so many people were. I was easily one of the most expensive vendors in the area (which is saying a lot, considering my prices); so after I realized this, I realized it was not going to be a good sales day. What I did not expect was the obscene amount of people making rude comments about how worthless my product was, how ridiculously overpriced I am, and straight up trying to take pictures so they can just have a friend do it (or another vendor!!) for “half that price at the most.” I had many women come in just to tell me that they crochet as well, and are more skilled and my prices are outrageous.

It was not a good day…at all. My self esteem, my art, my finances, my anything.

I will most definitely not be back at that festival.



Patchwork Festival – Santa Ana

I did the Patchwork Festival in Long Beach over the summer, and I decided to do a different one for the winter. And man, oh man am I glad! When the Long Beach one happened, it was HOT! So hot! Like, over 100F…in November. It was really bad for business. So, the Santa Ana festival happened the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and the first couple of hours were rough. It was pouring rain, off and on, and I had to set up a tarp over my booth. It is the only festival that I do that I don’t get a full 10x10ft space for, so I didn’t have my canopy. I just had a little patio umbrella (that sucks…a lot). So, we covered the booth table and gridwalls with a thick painters tarp, then my husband and I hid under a canopy that was set up behind us, along with a few other vendors of glorious paper products that couldn’t be set up in the rain either.

But, we did get lucky, once the show was really open and swinging, the rain stopped. It was still cold and windy, but that didn’t stop anyone! The streets were busy, people were out buying, and sales were quite steady. I did get several new email subscribers, and even gained a few new blog followers out of the day. It was definitely a good festival. I can’t wait to see how it goes next summer and winter, when hopefully the rains and winds aren’t against us!




November Wrap Up


November was busy and crazy and just very overwhelming for me. My life, in general, is overwhelming from August (the worst month of the entire year) until January. So yea…


I had 21 sales for 26 items, so pretty great, especially consider I made approximately 25% more than I did last year…So, that’s exciting. 🙂



As far as November goals:


  • Stuff I need to make
    • 10 fat cats   Not quite, I managed to make 4
    • 10 ice creams Not quite, I managed to make 6
    • 10 bearded baby hats Not quite, I managed to make 7, but I did make 12 Santa and Elf hats for my show instead


  • Stuff I need to finish:
    • Pinup Doll  Nada
    • Bumper Bangs hat  Done!!! Yay!


  • Stuff I  would like to make some progress on
    • Elephant pillows Christmas order  I actually made decent progress, the face is done for 2 of the 4, and the ears are done for 1. So, now it is just time to hardcore focus on this
    • The first doll in the new line  HAHAHA
    • 1 kitty koi corner to corner blanket (sadly, my lowest priority)  HAHAHA


  • Events I will be attending
    • Patchwork Santa Ana on November 27th  Done!

September Goals



And here is September in review…


September 2013

  • 1 sale for 1 item

September 2014

  • 3 sales for 3 items

September 2015



Candy corns are still my primary focus this month. My goal is to have 12 preemie, 20 three month, and 12 six month ready by September. So far, I have 12 preemie, 15 three month, and 12 six month costumes done. So, I have some serious work to do. However, I also only have a couple of weeks left to get these wedding gifts done. I changed what I am doing, so I only have 2 left to make…so yea…here’s to hoping. I also need to not drown in my candy corns this month. I think having some prepped already will make a big difference.


  • Stuff I need to make
    • Candy corns
    • 2 Amigurumi for wedding


  • Stuff I need to finish:
    • Candy corns


  • Stuff I  would like to make some progress on
    • The first doll in the new line
    • 1 kitty koi corner to corner blanket (sadly, my lowest priority)


  • Events I will be attending
    • None this month

Mid-March Update

Since I can’t get to my photos to give you a great update with pictures and everything…here is a mid-month goal update.


(Goal 1) – 5 sales this month.

I am doing well so far. 3 sales in 2 weeks. I need 2 more before the end of the month. You can help with this…spread the word! Share your favorite item!

(Goal 2) – 65 items by the end of March.

Ugh!!!! So, on Saturday, Chris and I spent about 2 hours taking AWESOME new product photos. I used my super cool lightbox. I had the best background for my mannequin and my blankets. Pretty flowers and gorgeous houses softly focused in the background…great lighting…good, up close photos showing texture and design…and then I made the mistake of updating my mac…and apparently there is a known problem with the update that is causing some computers to no longer work…so we have to delete and reinstall an entire new OS…which we have done 3 times…and it still doesn’t work…so now I have to take it to the Genius Bar to hope they can fix it…if not, I am going to throw a temper tantrum with Apple until they replace it…this is ridiculous. Their update broke my computer! So, once it is fixed, I can re-download photoshop, upload the photos, and start the editing process…I am currently writing up draft listings…but yea…this goal may not be met. So angry!!

(Goal 3) – 45 items ready to ship.

Physically, I have these items. I just can’t get them listed. Ugh!!!!

(Goal 4) – Apply for fair in August.

Umm…I can’t remember what fair this was…but I found a few others I will apply for once I get my computer back up and running.

(Goal 5) – Complete top secret project for upcoming craft fair.

Not going to be met…it will have some good progress, but life has been too crazy to make new items and finish this…and having inventory is more important at the moment.

(Goal 6) – Work on promotion outside of Etsy, goal of

-175 followers on instagram

171, so close!

– 125 fans on facebook

138 fans! Met! Yay!

– 125 followers on twitter

120, so close!!

So, things are going…trucking along. I have made 2 new sets of weights, a new baby jack, a new baby blanket (and am almost done with a second), a new elephant, and 2 new beagles. So at least inventory is going well.