Sock Monkey Blanket

Please excuse the crummy pictures, I promise that I am in the process of getting some better ones. But, this guy right here, my super adorable sock monkey blanket, is actually one of my favorite early pieces, especially of my own designs. Now, I say my own design, but there is obviously nothing super spectacular or difficult about this guy was made. A circle, a semi circle, and two 3/4 circles. Then add some eyes, a nose, and a smile. Really, really simple and quick to work up.

No, what I love about this guy is actually the yarn. This guy is made of a nylon yarn, so he is actually too warm and heavy to be used casually as a blanket, But, the softness, the texture, it is perfect for a tummy time mat or to lay on top of in general. I used Lion Brand Quick & Cozy yarn. And I have a feeling it will be discontinued soon, as I don’t see much of it on the website anymore. But man oh man, do I love that stuff.

I ordered it just on a whim one day while ordering an obscene amount of yarn from the LB clearance section. I just wanted to try all sorts of different textures, thicknesses, and fibers in general. It took me forever to decide what to make with this, because it is just so different from my other yarns. If you have never worked with a nylon yarn, touch some, your life will suddenly make sense. Well, not really, because it is amazing, but you can’t put it in the washer/dryer which makes it a pain in the rump too.


Anyway, I love this guy. He is one of my absolute favorites because I just like to touch him. (It’s a little inappropriate, ehh? Touching my monkey. Teehee!)





So Cute I Could Eat You Up! (Candy Corn!)

So, while the time for Halloween has passed, I felt like sharing a little bit about my best selling item. This infant candy corn Halloween costume is sort of what put my shop on the map. (And it is not due to the adorable babies in the pictures, since I didn’t get these photos until after Halloween from some really amazing costumers!)

My best friend in the entire world posted a picture of a really awful looking felt / sewn / hacked together baby wrap that was supposed to be a candy corn costume. I couldn’t even believe someone would try to sell something so awfully made (and yet, here I am, selling my super ugly cup cozies~!) So, I decided to make it for her. I headed off to the wonder that is Hobby Lobby and got some Crafter’s Secret and just sat down and pretended like I knew what I was doing. I was, fortunately, smart enough to keep track of what I did, so that I wouldn’t have to frog the entire thing when I messed it up.


This was the result. I remember sitting there with my fiancée, Chris, thinking…wow…I cannot believe I made that. I cannot believe it is sort of actually cute! Stuffed animals are one thing, they are pretty much guaranteed to be adorable, no matter how bad you are at making them! But this…this was a costume…this was different…this was super cute and soft. (I just realized how much I toot my own horn in here…maybe I should start an Epic Crochet Fail section so that you can see just how awful I am at this!) Well, I sent this wonderful lady a photo of it, and she loved it…so, off it went to her wee little one (along with a bag that I will post about at another time) and this is what I got in return.



Is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen? If you think otherwise, you must be a mom. 🙂 I was thrilled with it, and so I listed them…and they sold. People loved them. And I loved seeing photos, getting emails about it, and knowing that people loved it! So, I listed the pattern as well, and that also started to sell. Which is pretty cool, since no one has emailed me to tell me that it doesn’t work, I suck, and should give up writing patterns. 🙂

A day or so after Halloween, I was gifted this photo by a customer. And it makes me smile so much to this day. It is better than a 5 star review in my eyes. Look at that kid! He looks so happy and comfortable and incredible! If I ever have a baby, the poor thing is in for nothing but crochet clothes and photo shoots!



And The Elephants Have It!

So, anyone that has ever met my younger daughter, knows that in our home, the elephants have it. Some little girls love puppies, some love kittens, some love owls. Owls actually seem to be the thing right now actually. My kid, nope, she loves elephants. The bigger and muddier, the better. She even told me, at one point, that she wanted to work for a circus and would even pick up the elephant poop, as long as they let her be near them. There you have it, she was 7 at the time, and instead of wanting to be a pop star, princess, or teacher, she wanted to be the elephant pooper scooper. 🙂 That’s my crazy kid.

Anyway, I digress…my girlfriend found out she was pregnant, and of course, when trying to decide on a theme for her nursery, the first thing she did was come to me and ask me what I can make to make it really special. Well, at the time, all I had really progressed to was elephants to appease the small one. So, I suggested elephants. I would work on a few different style blankets. I started with the simple amigurumi elephant, leaving off the feet of course…and after some trial and error, attached it to a small blanket I had made. I had seen loveys all over the place, and they were just the coolest thing to me. So, I made an attempt. Granted, I feel that if I were to make another one now, it would be about 10,000 times better, but I was quite proud for my first attempt.

Elephant lovey




Additionally, I worked on finding a pattern for an elephant granny square. I found one that I absolutely loved, it allowed for the ear to be floppy and everything! I went and found the softest acrylic yarn I could imagine (Hobby Lobby’s brand I Love This Yarn!), and I started working ton my very first granny square, and very first granny square blanket. Now, I love this blanket. It is beautiful, soft, and incredible. I am so proud of this. But man, did I learn that I absolutely despise sewing together granny squares!

This blanket now graces the nursery of some little girl on the other side of the country, and that makes me so proud and happy! I cannot even begin to describe how great it feels to see your work out there, and know that people love it. The woman who purchased the blanket told me “The work is beautiful.” That was the most amazing thing I had ever heard. You never quite feel like your work is good enough. And I truly, truly am in that group of people…I feel like no one could ever love my work! Others are so much better! And yet people seem to like it, and it makes me proud.

This is quite possibly my favorite thing I have ever made. I do plan on making another one for my daughter one day; maybe a large one to grace her bed when she is a little older.

Marching Elephant Granny Square Blanket





My friend ended up going with a different theme for the nursery after finding out she was having a girl. Elephants were not feminine enough for her. And that is quite alright, the blanket went to a good home, and I have faith that the lovey will one day. I never give up there.

On a completely other note, if you haven’t yet, you should check out my instagram and Facebook pages; they are updated almost daily. And definitely check out the shop, you never know when you will come across the perfect item.

Either way, I appreciate you taking the time to be here and read through this. I know how much it pains you all. Have a good day!