A New Years Plan


So…here is my best attempt at trying to organize myself for this next year. It is pretty packed, and I probably will fail epically at sticking to it, but for now, it is the best I have. πŸ™‚ It will be fun each month to see how close I came to sticking with it.

Free weeks are weeks to work on my own personal projects, or finish up something I got close to finishing on another week. WIP weeks are for me to work on the massive box of WIP I have accumulated over the last several years. Each week will have orders as a priority, obviously, but all the rest of my time will be dedicated to working on whatever is “due” that week. And maybe, just maybe, I will be better prepared this year.


Jan 2 –Β Β Shawls

Jan 9 –Β Β Shawls

Jan 16 – Shawls

Jan 23 – Shawls

Jan 30 – Valentines Props

Feb 6 – Free Week

Feb 13 – Free Week

Feb 20 – Easter Props

Feb 27 – Charity

Mar 6 – Halloween Props

Mar 13 – Easter Amigurumi

Mar 20 – Unicorns

Mar 27 – Free Week

Apr 3 – Summer Props

Apr 10 – WIPs

Apr 17 – Skull Shawls

Apr 24 – Halloween Props

May 1 – Charity

May 8 – 4th of July Props

May 15 – Free Week

May 22 – Pinup

May 29 – Halloween Props

Jun 5 – Amigurumi

Jun 12 – Photo Props

Jun 19 – Christmas Props

Jun 26 – Hats

Jul 3 – Halloween Props

Jul 10 – Free Week

Jul 17 – Skull Shawls

Jul 24 – Halloween Amigurumi

Jul 31 – Halloween Props

Aug 7 – Christmas Amigurumi

Aug 14 – Halloween Props

Aug 21 – Thanksgiving Props

Aug 28 – Halloween Props

Sep 4 – Pinup

Sep 11 – Halloween Props

Sep 18 – Thanksgiving Amigurumi

Sep 25 – Halloween Props

Oct 2 – Halloween Props

Oct 9 – Halloween Props

Oct 16 – Halloween Props

Oct 23 – WIPs

Oct 30 – Christmas Props

Nov 6 – Thanksgiving Props

Nov 13 – Charity

Nov 20 – Christmas Props

Nov 27 – Free Week

Dec 4 – Christmas Props

Dec 11 – Christmas Amigurumi

Dec 18 – Free Week

Dec 25 – Free Week




I’ve decided that next year, I am going to do things a little bit differently. Instead of doing monthly goals, I am going to set aside weeks to work on certain things. I plan on keeping the shopΒ on finished items only for a little bit, probably through February. It is just less stressful and is giving me the time that I need to work on some larger orders.

This will also give me a chance to really work on creating new product, preparing for shows, and getting a new website launched and available.

The general gist of it is to dedicate each week to a certain type of product, obviously allowing for time to complete orders as well. Then, if I miss a week, I miss a week, and whatever. That product can wait until a free week or get scratched completely. I am going through and trying to figure out the best use of 52 weeks, that is the tough part!

Additionally, I am stealing a great idea from a fellow blogger. She tracks the yardage of yarn knitted vs yardage of yarn bought each month. I need to do that. I definitely need to do that…because the amount of yarn I have in my office is absolutely ridiculous. And I really need to work on slimming down my stash. For both space and financial needs. πŸ™‚

So, as we enter 2017, I am hoping to see some changes, hoping to find a better way, and plan on just taking the bull by the horns and seeing what happens. πŸ™‚



I Need More Binders

My crazy week of working the night shift is finally coming to a close. Hopefully, the second shift manager finds a new supervisor here shortly so that I am not the only supervisor covering the night shift whenever the third shift manager cannot be here. I am exhausted.

I am doing well with the schedule. Clyve has caused some interference, but my amazing fiancΓ©e is handling a lot of the stress for it. I am not sure what I would do without him. He also works full time, and then comes home and cooks most nights and takes care of the dogs, and basically does everything to help make sure I can just focus and work. Any other man would leave me for being lazy by now.

I have been slowly printing out all of the patterns I have stored on pinterest. I am serious. I went to use one of my favorites the other day, and it was gone. The blog had been taken down. So, now I am super paranoid about losing my favorite patterns, so I am printing them out and organizing them in binders in order to make sure that I have them for the future. It is everything I have used, everything I want to work on, everything I will probably never work on. It has been quite the process, and I am nowhere even close to being done with it. But, I have made a goodly amount of progress and it helps me to be organized. There is only so much organization on pinterest. So many of the links that exist lead to nothing, or the patterns aren’t in English, or are just photos, or whatever. It is a huge pain in the tucus. So, now I have something to go off of, to look at, and it is making me much calmer.

I feel calm when I am organizing and arranging things. I have some serious problems, but, it keeps me from flipping out and killing people. So, I suppose that the invention of the three ringed binder and dividers is saving lives.

I am happy to watch my finished product stash grow. I have tons of photographs to take tomorrow. My stupid camera was acting up last Saturday when I tried to photograph everything. There was much yelling and profanity and then giving up for the day. So, tomorrow we try again. I have so much stuff to list…seriously…I think there are like 30 new items in the stash, plus all of the stuff I need to re-photograph.

So, make sure you check out the store and see what is new and upcoming over the next couple weeks. I will keep trying to share the stuff I make here, but it is hard without photographs! I would love to tell everyone about this AWESOME blanket I made, but it is only awesome if you can see it. πŸ™‚


Getting Organized

So, if you haven’t realized by now…I have issues. A lot of them. I am borderline OCD (I say borderline because I have never been diagnosed, but I am quite sure I am fully OCD) about a lot of things when it comes to organization and planning. I will actually have full on panic attacks when plans fall through or things are not planned out. But, only when it involves work or money. I am pretty laid back when it comes to going out, vacations, food…but for my day to day work, or anything involving money – like paying bills, I am almost crazy when it comes to organization. Maybe one day I will show you my super crazy excel spreadsheet that covers all of my monthly income, expenses, when it was paid, balances…it is crazy.

Well, as I was sitting around my house yesterday, thinking about this upcoming craft fair on May 2nd, I realized that I do not have nearly as much made as I had thought. So many of my pre-made items are for adults, and adults will definitely not be my target audience at the children’s festival! And so much of my stuff is winter! I am all set and ready to kill some late fall / early winter craft shows…but May in Southern California? No one is going to buy a scarf or gloves! And adults will not be shopping for themselves when they are in an area dedicated to kids and playing! I need to focus on stuffed animals, kids clothes, dress up clothes, that sort of stuff. Which I have known all along, and I was set on the “I am doing okay there”…until I looked at the count. How I will ever be ready, I have absolutely no idea. So, after spending about 10 minutes freaking out and nearly convincing myself that I should cancel, Stacey’s voice popped into my head again…make a plan. Write it down. Get organized. Be realistic. She actually wrote an entire blog on how to do that exactly…and it is worth a read, if you are like me at all, and get easily spooked.

So, I made a plan…and it looks like this.



My plan is actually quite flexible. My personal days are all days that I have stuff scheduled and probably would be limited on any work I could actually do. And of course, given that my shop isn’t exactly doing amazing with sales (which you could totallyΒ help fix!), all of those days that are dedicated to Etsy orders are available to help finish up work from the day before.

So, while this plan will not 100% put me where I wanted to be, there aren’t enough hours for that considering I work full time, and so much overtime, it will put me much closer. And, it quelled the panic attack some. So, now to just make sure I stick to the plan and kick out a whole bunch of really awesome stuff in the next 2 months!

Wish me luck!


March Goals

So, now it is March, and it is time to further define my annual goals, to break them down for March.

Review of the annual goals.

(Goal 1) –52 sales in the year (need 47 more).

(Goal 2) – 100 items by the end of December (need 40 more).

(Goal 3) – Increase ready to ship inventory to 75% by end of the year (currently at 63%)

(Goal 4) – Attend 5 craft fairs (only one confirmed)

So…for March, the breakdown is as follows…

(Goal 1) – 5 sales this month.

(Goal 2) – 65 items by the end of March.

(Goal 3) – 45 items ready to ship.

(Goal 4) – Apply for fair in August.

(Goal 5) – Complete top secret project for upcoming craft fair.

(Goal 6) – Work on promotion outside of Etsy, goal of

-175 followers on instagram

– 125 fans on facebook

– 125 followers on twitter