Hooded Wolf Cowl – Pattern Review

As I said earlier in the month, I have been working hard on some hooded wolf cowls for a friend of mine. I have always had some issues making hoods, so I decided to start looking for patterns. What I found was a killer pattern for a hooded fox cowl! Well, that’s simple enough, all you have to do is change the ears, and it can be turned into almost any animal. Trust me, that is a project for a little ways down the road. I have so many plans for this pattern. But for now, these wolf cowls are available in the shop!

Well, about the pattern, I absolutely adored this pattern. It was so, so simple to follow. She even included a neat tutorial to help you if you are having problems with the connections! This cowl worked up really quickly. It took me less than 2 hours to make a child sized one, and about 3 hours to adjust it to make an adult sized one. Oh! And did I mention! She even includes instructions on how to adjust it to become a larger size! No one does that anymore! I am so glad for that! Basically, this is one of the coolest, easiest, most fun patterns I have seen in a while. I will definitely be making and reviewing more of her awesome patterns. Just as soon as I have time.

Oh, and the bow came from Repeat Crafter Me. Because apparently, girl wolves have bows. Duh. Everyone knows that.



Sorry all you people with the snow…

Sorry for all of you people out there snowed in and the like, but I actually got a slight sunburn this weekend. I was a little excited about the 75F sunshiney beautifulness that was my weekend. On Sunday, I spent about 2 hours in the morning playing with my awesome new lightbox, taking product photos. Unfortunately, my mannequin body does not fit in there, so the mannequin photos are still just up against a wall, but we at least had the common sense to put up some sheets first. So the background is consistent and not hideously ugly. But yes, this lightbox is the greatest purchase I have ever made. It helped so much, the colors on my products are actually showing as the actual color! No more off yellow or blue instead of purple. Things look vibrant and fun! And I think it helped a lot.

I have been listing like crazy the last couple days, and will continue through the next two weeks. I am trying to get back on track for my 2015 goals. So, after this week, back to photographing and editing on Saturdays. I will still continue to write up draft listings the weekend in advance and then just chuck in photos after they are edited. This allows me to keep listing new products each day, or at least a few days a week. I would rather not have 35 items expire on the same day. I am also trying to do better with listing only ready made items. The made to order items can be such a headache. I will keep the more popular ones around, but I am thinking that for most of the items, like scarves and such, once it sells, it sells, and I will not relist it as made to order, unless I actually get more of that yarn in. It is too big of a pain in the butt to try to remember the hook size, the measurements, exactly what I did to replicate something unless it came from a pattern or I wrote down the pattern.


9 8


Revamped this listing. Both these yellow and neon pink ones are ready to ship, by the way!

6 Elephant Butts

Revamped this listing. Both of these guys are ready to ship.

4 3

Added the green, brown, charcoal, and maroon scarf listings.

2 1

Speaking of patterns I write!!! I am working on something top secret right now. I CANNOT wait to share it once I am finished!!


Almost Ready!

So…it is that time of year, the time of the craft fair. And while I was not prepared and ready to do too many of them, I am presently in mass chaos mode to get ready for the one tomorrow. It is my first, and I am sort of terrified! For anyone who doesn’t know me, I am absolutely awkward. I do well with dogs, I do well with little kids, I do well with yarn…I do not do well with people. I constantly feel like I am annoying them, or that they don’t get my jokes or humour. So, the thought of trying to sell to people face to face has me sweating bullets and sick to my stomach…I seriously have barely eaten the last three days, I am so nervous. Luckily, my fiancée, his younger daughter, and our best friends will be there to help…and they are all quite socially capable and fun to be around. So, I am hoping to maintain the quiet, mysterious, crafter’s aura, while they wow people and sparkle them into the booth. I am so, so, so grateful to have them all.

Funky Finds

I made Chris get up with me at 4am to do inventory and freak out about things that aren’t 100% finished. All of the stuff on the pillows to the left still need the ends sewn in…luckily that isn’t TOO long of a task, since I am stuck on a twelve hour day at work today. Everything else is ready to go…though that creepy rainbow bear might have his face cut off and be sold without a face. It is really the creepiest face I have ever seen. I also have one more elephant that is in pieces, he is ready, just needs to be sewn together…so yea…I have my work cut out for me tonight. Maybe I will just let them work the fair and I will take a nap.






I have been so stressed out lately, trying to find a place to move to next month, trying to figure out how we are going to afford to move to a house with a yard that my dogs desperately need, working two jobs, figuring out how I can afford to quit one of them, trying to get the Etsy shop going, and preparing for this fair. I am utterly exhausted. And my poor doggies must think that I hate them. I have barely spent any time with them or played with them in over a week! I am such a terrible momma!