Fox Rug (Pattern Review)

I absolutely adore Ira Rott patterns. She wrote the amazing pattern that I used for my elephant pillows. I actually have about 30 of her patterns, and am very slowly working my way through them. The next one I found time to work through (during my AMAZING free week according to my new organizational system!), it happened to be this super cute fox rug pattern. Now, I did not add a backing to it, because I like the idea of it being a blanket or a rug on the carpet or a photo prop, as opposed to an actual rug; but the pattern does give detailed instructions on how to add a non-slip backing to it.

This pattern worked up super quickly, I did it in 2 days or just working on it part time, and turned out SO cute. The stitches are simple, with a crab stitch and a picot being the only real “non-basic” stitches in it. And, as always, she gives detailed instructions on how to complete these stitches.

The most difficult part of the entire pattern is sewing things together. But, that is because I am super lazy and hate to hand-sew things. 🙂

Seriously, from beginner to experienced crocheters, I highly, highly, highly recommend Ira Rott’s patterns. It is all so STINKIN ADORABLE, so many options, and so easy to follow.


November Wrap Up


November was busy and crazy and just very overwhelming for me. My life, in general, is overwhelming from August (the worst month of the entire year) until January. So yea…


I had 21 sales for 26 items, so pretty great, especially consider I made approximately 25% more than I did last year…So, that’s exciting. 🙂



As far as November goals:


  • Stuff I need to make
    • 10 fat cats   Not quite, I managed to make 4
    • 10 ice creams Not quite, I managed to make 6
    • 10 bearded baby hats Not quite, I managed to make 7, but I did make 12 Santa and Elf hats for my show instead


  • Stuff I need to finish:
    • Pinup Doll  Nada
    • Bumper Bangs hat  Done!!! Yay!


  • Stuff I  would like to make some progress on
    • Elephant pillows Christmas order  I actually made decent progress, the face is done for 2 of the 4, and the ears are done for 1. So, now it is just time to hardcore focus on this
    • The first doll in the new line  HAHAHA
    • 1 kitty koi corner to corner blanket (sadly, my lowest priority)  HAHAHA


  • Events I will be attending
    • Patchwork Santa Ana on November 27th  Done!

Long Weekends

Long weekends are the best. I spent yesterday working on new projects, I made a child size skull shawl,

a whale, a heart, and an owl. They are all pretty amazing. I am loving the bernat blanket yarn. It makes huge stuffed animals so fast and SO FLUFFY! Photos to come later.

Today is church and Disneyland.

Tomorrow is housekeeping and orders. 🙂

Then a short work week, followed by two weeks vacation!

So exciting! The wedding is in 13 days!! Ahh!!


Road Tripping 

Things have been a little hectic here. Last minute wedding stuff, work is sort of crazy, and some major life changes may be in the works!

I am a little over the candy corns right now, so I am taking a break to work on a very cool Halloween project that is totally anti-Halloween. 🙂


Mouse crochet pattern — Miss Dolkapots Krafties

I am reblogging this to save and share this SUPER cute pattern! I don’t have time right now, but I am so psyched to make like a billion of these!


It’s been a while since I blogged any patterns, so I thought I would post a tutorial today to make a cute little mouse. It is a very small little thing, about 4 inch tall, crocheted with a 2.75mm hook. I like to use small hooks to make stitches tighter. You can use a larger size hook if you […]

via Mouse crochet pattern — Miss Dolkapots Krafties


Daisy is Getting Married!

A while back, I posted about creating a Donald Duck amigurumi for my pending vow renewal. Well, I have finally gotten some time and was able to sit down and create his beautiful bride.

Daisy here, see, she is no ordinary bride, to dress herself in all white. She needs some color, some pizzazz, some oomph. So, she is sporting a glorious dress with a bride red top and a skirt of reds and whites. Isn’t Donald a lucky man?


August Goals



And here is August in review…


August 2013

  • 0 sales for 0 items

August 2014

  • 2 sales for 2 items

August 2015



Candy corns are still my primary focus this month. My goal is to have 12 preemie, 20 three month, and 12 six month ready by September. So far, I have 12 preemie, 8 three month, and 8 six month costumes done. So, I have some serious work to do. However, I also have a goal to get these wedding gifts done. Plus, I need to bust out 6 elephant pillows before Christmas. It is a going to be a busy, sleepless kind of month. Though, my guest count has gone down, so I probably only need to make 14 more amigurumi.


  • Stuff I need to make
    • Candy corns
    • Amigurumi for wedding


  • Stuff I need to finish:
    • Candy corns


  • Stuff I  would like to make some progress on
    • The first doll in the new line
    • 1 kitty koi corner to corner blanket (sadly, my lowest priority)


  • Events I will be attending
    • None this month