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I am seriously blown away by her stuff all the time!


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A New Years Plan


So…here is my best attempt at trying to organize myself for this next year. It is pretty packed, and I probably will fail epically at sticking to it, but for now, it is the best I have. 🙂 It will be fun each month to see how close I came to sticking with it.

Free weeks are weeks to work on my own personal projects, or finish up something I got close to finishing on another week. WIP weeks are for me to work on the massive box of WIP I have accumulated over the last several years. Each week will have orders as a priority, obviously, but all the rest of my time will be dedicated to working on whatever is “due” that week. And maybe, just maybe, I will be better prepared this year.


Jan 2 –  Shawls

Jan 9 –  Shawls

Jan 16 – Shawls

Jan 23 – Shawls

Jan 30 – Valentines Props

Feb 6 – Free Week

Feb 13 – Free Week

Feb 20 – Easter Props

Feb 27 – Charity

Mar 6 – Halloween Props

Mar 13 – Easter Amigurumi

Mar 20 – Unicorns

Mar 27 – Free Week

Apr 3 – Summer Props

Apr 10 – WIPs

Apr 17 – Skull Shawls

Apr 24 – Halloween Props

May 1 – Charity

May 8 – 4th of July Props

May 15 – Free Week

May 22 – Pinup

May 29 – Halloween Props

Jun 5 – Amigurumi

Jun 12 – Photo Props

Jun 19 – Christmas Props

Jun 26 – Hats

Jul 3 – Halloween Props

Jul 10 – Free Week

Jul 17 – Skull Shawls

Jul 24 – Halloween Amigurumi

Jul 31 – Halloween Props

Aug 7 – Christmas Amigurumi

Aug 14 – Halloween Props

Aug 21 – Thanksgiving Props

Aug 28 – Halloween Props

Sep 4 – Pinup

Sep 11 – Halloween Props

Sep 18 – Thanksgiving Amigurumi

Sep 25 – Halloween Props

Oct 2 – Halloween Props

Oct 9 – Halloween Props

Oct 16 – Halloween Props

Oct 23 – WIPs

Oct 30 – Christmas Props

Nov 6 – Thanksgiving Props

Nov 13 – Charity

Nov 20 – Christmas Props

Nov 27 – Free Week

Dec 4 – Christmas Props

Dec 11 – Christmas Amigurumi

Dec 18 – Free Week

Dec 25 – Free Week


Worth the Wait

Last year, I got this crazy idea to make tutus. Then, I realized that they are expensive to make, time consuming, shed glitter all over my house, and I hate them. Then, on top of that, they didn’t sell well.

Well, sometimes I get angry and frustrated and end up doing whatever I can to get rid of a piece I hate. Now, I don’t hate these tutus for any other reason than the fact that I am still picking glitter out of my couch and they didn’t sell. I am so sick of looking at them! So sick!

So, I had made a decision that for these next couple of craft fairs I was doing, I was going to GREATLY reduce the cost of these tutus, to just barely cover the cost of materials. I was that sick of looking at them.

Then…today…chaching. I actually sold the first one I made. The adorable fluffy green monster that I made my kid go out and model practically barefoot. For it’s normal price. To a lady on the other side of the world.

And that…that made it worth it…that is why you don’t give up…even when you are so sick of looking at something.




Disneyland Is Still The Greatest

So, Chris and I had a blast at Disneyland and California Adventure Sunday night. We went to the parks right after his ex picked up their daughter. We got there just in time to see our absolute favorite Dime perform with the last show of Five and Dime for the night. Then we walked around for a bit, watched a little bit of the Freeze the Night show, and then headed over to Disneyland. We had a blast, watched the fireworks, rode Pirates, Indiana Jones, Haunted Mansion, and Space Mountain.

Well, as is the norm, I had brought a project for when we were waiting in line. I even brought my nifty crochet-lite hook, so that I could actually work in the lines, since it would be dark outside. We get a lot of comments, mostly made in my general direction, as opposed to people actually talking to me, about me crocheting in line. People are usually a little shocked by it, like it never occurred to them to bring something to do in line. (I also get weird comments when I bring a book and read, so I know it isn’t just the crochet thing.) Well, last night we had a lot of people talking to us about it. Wanting to know how I could work in the dark, how I had gotten to be so quick, if it made Chris mad, and all sorts of ridiculousness. I even had one person ask how I was making the yarn change colors…though, in their defense, they did not say it to me, just very loudly to their friend. Apparently, I am magical and can make yarn any color I want…man, that would be awesome by the way!

So, normally, when we get close to the ride, I put my project back in my purse. I mean, I go to Disney for the shows and rides, I am not going to ignore them. Those passes cost way too much money for that! And, the reason I bring crochet generally, instead of a book, is that I can still talk to Chris while I am crocheting. If I am reading, then I am ignoring him. Well, we were in line for Space Mountain, our final attraction for the evening before we were going to head home. We always do silly poses for the cameras, because well, we go a lot…and know where all the cameras are, and why would you not? We have great ones of us sleeping, acting like zombies, kissing, rocking out, all sorts of ridiculousness. So, we were talking about what we were going to do for the photo this time, and Chris looked at me and said, you should totally be crocheting. We laughed, I told him I would probably lose my hook, and we dropped it for a moment…and then we realized, that this could turn out epically awesome.

I think that the best part of this photo was the responses I got when I posted it to my SBD facebook page and my personal facebook page. People were in shock. I got SO many questions from friends and family about how I managed to crochet on that roller coaster, it is SO dark and jerky! I was genuinely surprised. It had never occurred to me that anyone would take the picture seriously, I figured that everyone would see the gag that it was, a pose, and fun. I am quite happy that people actually thought I was capable of crocheting on Space Mountain though, as opposed to just being a really good picture poser. 🙂 (Oh, and Chris’ pose is what makes this photo so amazingly epic. Thanks for being my funnier half love!)