Sock Monkey Blanket

Please excuse the crummy pictures, I promise that I am in the process of getting some better ones. But, this guy right here, my super adorable sock monkey blanket, is actually one of my favorite early pieces, especially of my own designs. Now, I say my own design, but there is obviously nothing super spectacular or difficult about this guy was made. A circle, a semi circle, and two 3/4 circles. Then add some eyes, a nose, and a smile. Really, really simple and quick to work up.

No, what I love about this guy is actually the yarn. This guy is made of a nylon yarn, so he is actually too warm and heavy to be used casually as a blanket, But, the softness, the texture, it is perfect for a tummy time mat or to lay on top of in general. I used Lion Brand Quick & Cozy yarn. And I have a feeling it will be discontinued soon, as I don’t see much of it on the website anymore. But man oh man, do I love that stuff.

I ordered it just on a whim one day while ordering an obscene amount of yarn from the LB clearance section. I just wanted to try all sorts of different textures, thicknesses, and fibers in general. It took me forever to decide what to make with this, because it is just so different from my other yarns. If you have never worked with a nylon yarn, touch some, your life will suddenly make sense. Well, not really, because it is amazing, but you can’t put it in the washer/dryer which makes it a pain in the rump too.


Anyway, I love this guy. He is one of my absolute favorites because I just like to touch him. (It’s a little inappropriate, ehh? Touching my monkey. Teehee!)








May should make for an interesting month. Personally, I have a lot to handle this month. However, I am only out of town for one weekend, so it should be more feasible to get some serious crocheting done. We shall see.


May 1 – Charity

May 8 – 4th of July Props

May 15 – Free Week

May 22 – Pinup

May 29 – Halloween Props




April is actually looking to be a lot of fun for me. I am really digging everything I scheduled this month, and that makes it much easier to get back into the swing of working. I am still trying to work on skirts and dresses as I have a chance, plus I have a couple of baby gifts that I need to knock out of the park this month…but, I think I will be okay.


Mar 27 – Free Week

Apr 3 – Summer Props

Apr 10 – WIPs

Apr 17 – Skull Shawls

Apr 24 – Halloween Props


Adventures In Sewing

I recently got a bug up my butt with the intense need to do something different. I love crochet, but after the holidays, it just fell off my radar. I needed to do something different, something new. So, I started watching random YouTube crafting tutorials. I figured, maybe something quick and easy would strike my fancy. And then, I found Annika’s channel. I am absolutely in love wither YouTube channel, and with her voice. I spent hours and hours watching sewing tutorials, knowing that I could pretty much never do any of the stuff, but hey, it gave me something to watch and dream about.

So, one day while my husband and older girl were off getting tattooed, I decided to brave the rainstorm and take my younger girl to JoAnn Fabric. I sort of just set her 11 year old self free and told her to pick out what she liked. Approximately 100-150 yards of fabric later, we were ready to get home. So, I spent a few more hours studying some tutorials (as it had been approximately 10 years since I had done any real sewing), and decided, hey! This half circle skirt doesn’t look so hard!

Yea…it didn’t look hard at all. So, I got to cutting out material. I even had enough to make 4 skirts! Yay! Matchy-matchy for myself, my two girls, and my 5 (almost 6!!) year old niece!

So, armed with super adorable Valentine’s fabric and Youtube knowledge, I started sewing…



The front actually didn’t turn out too shabby. Especially considering I was too lazy to iron the fabric first, AND I totally forgot to wash it before I cut it. :-: But yea, the waist band was super cute, as long as you don’t look too closely at the stitching to see how uneven it is…


The back though…apparently, zippers are harder than I imagined. The stitching is uneven and terrible…but hey, it functioned and fit. Well, this one fit.


Funny story…I messed up the direction of the pattern and the stretch went up and down instead of side to side…this is due to that whole not washing it first thing…oooops…Oh! And!! I totally had no idea how to determine zipper size. I was trying to be cute, so I was like, cool! 4inch zippers for the cute little girls and a 6inch zipper for me! Yay! Yea…my skirt wouldn’t even come over my thighs…but, it did fit my 19 year old no problem. Which is good, because her skirt wouldn’t go over her hips…but, it is only slightly too big for her little sister…so I guess she has two skirts now. lol. Luckily, both the niece and my 11 year old fit into their skirts just fine. They even all wore them on Valentine’s Day! Look how cute!!!

But, the kids looked cute, they liked the skirt…and my next sewing project does not involve zippers…although my friend told me a cool trick to determine zipper length for a circle skirt!

(Hip size – Waist size) / 2 = zipper length needed!

So, for me…

(38in – 25in) / 2 = 6.5in, so really, a 7in zipper for me. 🙂



Skull Shawl (Pattern Review)

This skull shawl pattern , is one of the more difficult patterns that I have worked through. Don’t get me wrong, the pattern is fantastic! The finished product is beautiful! The technical aspect is wonderful. However, the original pattern is in German or Dutch (I am not sure which) and the translation can make it a little hard to follow.


So, at the end of this post, I am going to include some of my notes to make the pattern a little easier to follow. I will not, however, post the actual pattern due to copyright concerns.


For reference, I used Lion Brand Ice Cream Big Scoop and a J hook for this. I love the self-striping, it just turned out looking so cool.





I made some mistakes…which is why I shouldn’t let myself get so lazy and complacent when I am crocheting in the car. So, I frogged an entire section of skulls. :-:





My finished shawl. I ended up keeping this shawl for myself. I loved the colors and I so rarely keep anything I make. I did make 2 more, one in pinks and one in grays, that are smaller – child size.


Now, for a border on this one, I am not a huge fan. I just did a DC across for the border, and it make it really lumpy and lay funny. Which isn’t a huge deal, because it is just mine, but yea…I didn’t like how it looked. For the other ones, I just left them once completed…





So, as you go through the skull shawl pattern , feel free to reference my notes, or even leave your own in the comments to help out!

(1)           1DC in the 9, 10, 11, 12 CH stitches

(2)           You are make your double treble crochet (DTR) in the ch right below where you are at, from the first row you did. This should leave you with big loopy gaps on either side of your 4DC. This concept had me jacked for the first few attempts…

(3)           Your DTR will again be in the first chain from the previous row. This should leave you with 3 big gaps with 4DC between each. Your DTR at the end of each row will continue to go in the first chain from the previous row here on out. You should always end with a big gap on either side of your row, to make your shawl wider as you go.

(4 & 5)     Continue on with the same pattern…however, on this pattern, there are two row fives written out…so pay attention to that.

(5 & 6)      This starts your skull, easy to follow.

(7)             Complete your 1DC, 1ch across the 4SC from the previous round, not onto the 4th.

(8)             Follow as expected

(9 & 10)    EYES – I did the alternative eyes, which is found way at the bottom of the blog. So, I skipped the entire eye making tutorial and the regular rows 9 & 10. I followed this version because I am super lazy and hate to sew things, so I didn’t want to make separate eyes and try to slip stitch them in.

(11 & 12)     This finishes your skull, and starts your gaps to begin your next skull in.


The rest was pretty easy to follow. You just have to remember that any time you have 4 groups of the DC clusters in a row (on the sides and in the middle), then you should be creating new skulls the next round. The skulls go up by one each round, and should stagger. So, your 1, 3, 5, 7 group of skulls should line up in the center, while your 2, 4, 6, 8 should line up on the sides. 🙂


The way she ended her pattern was pretty simple, just don’t make the new skulls, continue adding the DC clusters with the chain 2s. As far as a border, well, good luck. I will probably just leave mine from now on ended like that.


Hello February


February should be a fun month for me. I scheduled a lot of me time in here…which is perfect, as I have so many ideas! I have my Valentines’ prop started, and I cannot wait to be able to share it! It is going to be amazing! I also have A TON of new patterns to start on, and I have 2 glorious free weeks to work on them! Plus, I have a few skirts that I need to finish quick, fast, and in a hurry! I am really excited for some of the sewing projects I have decided to work on. I also have a super cute idea for an Easter prop, I just am not sure if it is going to pan out. 🙂


I do need some charity ideas though. I was thinking of doing hats, but part of me wonders if making small toys would be better. I mean, most knitters and crocheters do hats and blankets, so would small amigurumi be a more unique idea? It would give children something more than the basics. Or, is sticking with hats/scarves/blankets the ideal choice?


Jan 30 – Valentines Props

Feb 6 – Free Week

Feb 13 – Free Week

Feb 20 – Easter Props

Feb 27 – Charity


January Review


January was a pretty good month for the shop. Now, that majority of that was due to a large custom order I spent the entire month working on. But, it definitely made it worth it. The shawls turned out beautifully, and I cannot wait to see how they look in my friend’s wedding. 🙂


January Plan

Jan 2 –  Shawls  √√√

Jan 9 –  Shawls  √√√

Jan 16 – Shawls  √√√

Jan 23 – Shawls √√√

Jan 30 – Valentines Props  I finished up the shawls on the 30th and will begin working on props today. 🙂


Yarn Purchased in January

0 yards

Yarn Crocheted in January

3,675 yards total
3604 yards of Red Heart Soft
71 yards of Crafter’s Secret


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