Minion Hat

Back in January, a friend of mine asked me to make a minion baby hat for her, for a gift at another friend’s baby shower.

I ended up making 2, because the first one turned out sort of funky. The goggles ended up curling inwards some, so it was like he was being poked in the eye. That hat went into my WOOOPSIES pile, and was donated.

The second one though…I am really excited about it. I just used my standard hat pattern,Β  added some blank, lined it with blue, and then used circles to make the eyes and goggles. I embroidered the mouth on and voila! All told, it was a very quick, easy project, and I enjoyed it. πŸ™‚ I am considering making one for myself…maybe with a siren on the top!



Pattern Review – Call The Midwife Baby Blanket

I am not a huge cable television person. I don’t have cable, haven’t in years. Actually, technically, I do have cable…it is just upstairs in Haley’s playroom, and we never watch it. Our internet bill is $40 a month cheaper to have basic cable than just to have internet. Seriously ridiculous.

So, while searching pinterest for super cute baby blanket patterns, I came across one titled “Call The Midwife“. I thought that was really clever and cute. It makes perfect sense, midwives deliver babies…this is a baby blanket…how adorable! What a cute title! I had absolutely no idea that it is a super popular television show. I am assuming it is about midwives, I have no idea actually. But, the blanket is super amazingly beautiful. The one I have show is a little bit different, since I screwed up and was too tired to frog 3 rows and redo them…so instead, I made the mistake into a pattern! See how every 3 flowers it has a double row of the straight across holes? Yup, that shouldn’t exist…I just was lazy. But, I think it adds a really, really neat effect to the blanket.

So, this pattern, done by Little Monkeys Crochet, is super amazingly awesome. If I had read the intro, I would have known it was based on a TV show, But, I did read the pattern. And the pattern is really, really easy to follow. I did not follow the pattern for the border, because my internet died and I couldn’t access it, so I just made something up. But, their border is super ridiculously cute and I am sure that part of the pattern is just as easy to follow.

I have plans to make about 15 more of these blankets, in all different sizes. But yes, I also learned some super neat skills for utilizing chains and spaces to create designs. I definitely recommend checking out their site!