Yarn Update


Whoot! Two blogs in a month! I am on a roll. Hehe…

Okay, so this blog is more for me than it is for you guys. I am trying to get a good overview of yarn purchased vs yarn crocheted so far this year…so here it is.

Also, something to remember about my yarn crocheted. Because of the move, I haven’t had my boards set up, so from March – present, I have been tracking yarn based on completed projects only. There are so many I have started and not finished that aren’t in the count. Hopefully, I can get my board up here shortly and go back to tracking skein by skein like I was before. 🙂


Yarn Purchased So Far 2018

23,057 yards
18,141 yards of Paton’s Metallic
3,096 yards of Bernat Baby Blanket
1,820 yards of Red Heart Super Saver


Yarn Crocheted So Far 2018

8,508 yards
3,305 yards of Lion Brand Pound of Love
1,760 yards of Red Heart Super Saver
1,227 yards of I Love This Yarn
1,152 Yards of Crafter’s Secret

981 yards of Bernat Baby Blanket
83 yards of Caron One Pound


Well, considering I have already purchased more yarn in August…I am guessing I need to get my but into gear crocheting in order to out-crochet what I purchased. To be fair, almost all of that was purchased in January. Does it even really count? Hahaha. 🙂


That 2018 Spirit



2017 was a lot of falling behind, not meeting my goals, and struggling to keep my sanity. I had a whole slew of health issues, to include a surgery, non-related physical therapy, and an entirely separate day spent in the ER getting a CT. I started back at school full time, and I tried to spend a little more time focusing on what I wanted to do, make, and enjoy. So, the business side of the house didn’t go as swimmingly as hoped.

However, each new year brings a whole new level of chaos and crazy, so 2018 is bound to make up for 2017. It may be worse, but hey, it could be better! So, I have made a more realistic plan, and hopefully will be able to achieve all of this in the upcoming year.


Goals for 2018….

  • Crochet more yarn than I buy. Period. No ifs ands or buts…Get into that stash!
  • Update this blog at least once a week.
  • Sell 150 items, including through shows and online.
  • Attend 3 craft fairs. Actually sell something at each of them. 🙂
  • Write, review, and list 2 new patterns.
  • Have all Christmas presents made and ready to ship by Thanksgiving.



2017 Review

2017 was an interesting year for me. My family went through a lot, and my husband and I both started back in college. So, things got a little hectic and crazy, but I think by the end of the year, we were starting to get the hang of it. However, considering I know what 2018 has in store for me, I can guarantee a much less aggressive goal oriented year.


Goals for 2017….

I am not setting an item goal. My focus this year is going to be on introducing new products. I have a big plan laid out that I will share in tomorrow’s post.
Technically, I met my goal 31 out of 52 weeks this year. So that is actually way, way, way better than I thought I would do! I am actually impressed with myself. I started slacking around June, and then things got really bad when I started back in school come September. I pretty much just cut everything out of my life and gave up.

Update this blog at least once a week.
Well, I managed at least once a month…

Sell 350 items. I am sticking with this one. This one will bring me joy. 🙂 HAHAHAHA! I sold 77 items. This was not my year apparently. I was also, obviously, way down on revenue this year. Like…wayyyy down.

Attend 3 craft fairs. Soka University, Patchwork Santa Ana Spring and Patchwork Santa Ana Fall. I don’t have the time to stock for more than that, and I know that these are good, solid shows. I actually only ended up doing 1 show this year. I did Retro Bettie, which I believe I still need to even blog about.


Yarn Purchased in 2017
52,056 yards, +18lbs of roving
12,740 yards of Red Heart Super Saver
11,544 yards of Lion Brand Scarfie
11,220 yards of Pound of Love
4,615 yards of I Love This Yarn
2,840 yards of Crafter’s Secret
2,600 yards of Aunt Lydia’s crochet thread
1,970 yards of Lion Brand Ice Cream
880 yards of Bernat Blanket
812 yards of Caron One Pound
788 yards of Lion Brand Wool Ease
708 yards of Red Heart Super Saver Stripes
615 yards of Big Twist
440 yards of Bernat Baby Blanket
284 yards of Yarn Bee Urban
18 pounds of wool roving

Yarn Crocheted in 2017
39,979 yards, +18lbs of roving, +2 yards of fleece
9,209 yards of Red Heart Super Saver
7,067 yards of I Love This Yarn
5,928 yards of Lion Brand Scarfie
4,708 yards of Pound of Love
4,624 yards of Crafter’s Secret
3604 yards of Red Heart Soft
1,610 yards of Lion Brand Ice Cream
770 yards of Bernat Blanket
710 yards of Yarn Bee Urban
570 yards of Lion Brand Jiffy
472 yards of Red Heart Super Saver Stripes
268 yards of Caron One Pound
220 yards of Bernat Baby Blanket
184 yards of Lion Brand Baby Soft
35 yards of Aunt Lydia’s crochet thread
18 pounds of wool roving
2 yards of fleece




I’ve decided that next year, I am going to do things a little bit differently. Instead of doing monthly goals, I am going to set aside weeks to work on certain things. I plan on keeping the shop on finished items only for a little bit, probably through February. It is just less stressful and is giving me the time that I need to work on some larger orders.

This will also give me a chance to really work on creating new product, preparing for shows, and getting a new website launched and available.

The general gist of it is to dedicate each week to a certain type of product, obviously allowing for time to complete orders as well. Then, if I miss a week, I miss a week, and whatever. That product can wait until a free week or get scratched completely. I am going through and trying to figure out the best use of 52 weeks, that is the tough part!

Additionally, I am stealing a great idea from a fellow blogger. She tracks the yardage of yarn knitted vs yardage of yarn bought each month. I need to do that. I definitely need to do that…because the amount of yarn I have in my office is absolutely ridiculous. And I really need to work on slimming down my stash. For both space and financial needs. 🙂

So, as we enter 2017, I am hoping to see some changes, hoping to find a better way, and plan on just taking the bull by the horns and seeing what happens. 🙂



I Need More Binders

My crazy week of working the night shift is finally coming to a close. Hopefully, the second shift manager finds a new supervisor here shortly so that I am not the only supervisor covering the night shift whenever the third shift manager cannot be here. I am exhausted.

I am doing well with the schedule. Clyve has caused some interference, but my amazing fiancée is handling a lot of the stress for it. I am not sure what I would do without him. He also works full time, and then comes home and cooks most nights and takes care of the dogs, and basically does everything to help make sure I can just focus and work. Any other man would leave me for being lazy by now.

I have been slowly printing out all of the patterns I have stored on pinterest. I am serious. I went to use one of my favorites the other day, and it was gone. The blog had been taken down. So, now I am super paranoid about losing my favorite patterns, so I am printing them out and organizing them in binders in order to make sure that I have them for the future. It is everything I have used, everything I want to work on, everything I will probably never work on. It has been quite the process, and I am nowhere even close to being done with it. But, I have made a goodly amount of progress and it helps me to be organized. There is only so much organization on pinterest. So many of the links that exist lead to nothing, or the patterns aren’t in English, or are just photos, or whatever. It is a huge pain in the tucus. So, now I have something to go off of, to look at, and it is making me much calmer.

I feel calm when I am organizing and arranging things. I have some serious problems, but, it keeps me from flipping out and killing people. So, I suppose that the invention of the three ringed binder and dividers is saving lives.

I am happy to watch my finished product stash grow. I have tons of photographs to take tomorrow. My stupid camera was acting up last Saturday when I tried to photograph everything. There was much yelling and profanity and then giving up for the day. So, tomorrow we try again. I have so much stuff to list…seriously…I think there are like 30 new items in the stash, plus all of the stuff I need to re-photograph.

So, make sure you check out the store and see what is new and upcoming over the next couple weeks. I will keep trying to share the stuff I make here, but it is hard without photographs! I would love to tell everyone about this AWESOME blanket I made, but it is only awesome if you can see it. 🙂


Maintaining A Schedule

I am really quite proud of myself. I am sticking to my schedule quite well. And to stick to any sort of schedule for a week is impressive for me. I am hoping I can see this through. The struggle is real though. I truly think I have crochet ADD. I am dying mid project, every single time. There is just so much that I want to make. There are so many yarns I want to try. So many designs in my mind. So many elaborate blankets that I want to spend the next 6 months working on. This, however, is not conducive to getting the shop really out there. So, once this fair is done in early May, I will go back to my Sundays being my crochet days, to work on presents, personal projects, wedding projects, and whatever else suits my fancy.

The Etsy orders days haven’t been a total waste, even without the orders. I do have a few custom requests that aren’t needed until May that I am working on, so that I will not be rushed come May. I am also using those days to work on my super secret craft fair project that I will share once it is fully completed. It is also a time for me to put the finishing touches on whatever project was the day before, like adding eyes to an elephant, or pupils to a sock monkey rug. Though, I am definitely missing the cha-ching that makes my heart flutter and gets me all busy.

I am looking for ideas for photo props and costumes for Halloween. My candy corn costume did so well last year, I would love to have more options than that. I also plan on having quite a few of those costumes readily available this year, instead of just made to order. What type of stuff would you guys like to see?

I feel like I am rambling tonight. Maybe it is because it is 5:30am and I am just finishing up a long shift of doing basically nothing. Hopefully some of my rambles made sense and maybe you got something out of this. Though most likely, you have stopped reading by now…but if you haven’t…thanks. 🙂


I Have Yarn Problems

I have serious yarn problems. So, while getting ready to really kick into gear the business, I decided that the best thing I could was see if I could find some inexpensive yarn to invest in. So, to EBay I went….and on EBay I scored…big time. A lady was destashing…she had listings up that totaled 111 skeins of yarn, almost all full skeins, and at least 6 one-pound skeins, that costs me a total of $66, including the shipping. When I got these skeins, some of it was crap acrylic, cheap, vintage, $0.99 yarn from the 1970s. But, besides the 6 or 7 skeins of Caron One Pound / Lion Brand Pound of Love / Red Heart Super Saver 16oz (all of which are $5-8 a skein), there were some really nice yarns in there. Well, the next day, I was looking for something very specific on Lion Brands website…and then I found the clearance section…and I bought approximately 200 skeins of LB yarn, all sorts of it, baby Soft, Merino Cashmere, Wool Ease, all sorts of stuff, for about $110…which is incredible…really incredible. The sale was amazing, everything was 75-90% off. You can’t pass that up. Well, about two weeks later, I got a custom order, for a California King Bedspread…and, I ordered the yarn…so I received 55 skeins of LB Wool Ease in this off-white…only to have her cancel the next day. She had received the blanket she wanted as a gift that morning. Ugh…so now I have even more yarn. Oh, and there is still the stuff I need to go to Hobby Lobby for, for the very specific orders since a lot of my acrylics came from the EBay lot and the colors were just so random…

This depicts what is left of my stash of pompadour yarn from Red Heart. This yarn is now discontinued. It traveled with me to Japan and back. I bought all of this yarn in March 2011. I bought approximately 70 skeins. I have approximately 30 left.

This bag is full of half finished projects. Stuff I am working on for the wedding, stuffed animals I started and lost interest in, that sort of thing.

This bottom tub is all of my wool yarn that is left…and please remember I have about 30 skeins already invested in scarves and hats that are ready to ship.

My baby soft yarn…mostly acrylic, some polyester and wool.

My cotton yarn…I have no idea what I am going to do with any of this…it really isn’t soft at all…

The box is full of the wool ease for that custom order that got canceled. I still plan on making a Cal king blanket out of it…

The red tub is full of super soft acrylic yarns, good for baby booties, stuffed animals, some of it is good for clothes or tutu tops. Great for photoprops.

The cheaper acrylics. They are soft, but I wouldn’t make clothes out of them…probably just stuffed animals.

On the left is my super soft Japanese yarn that is left…on the right is my cashmere yarn…

More random yarns, including sparkly ones, super thick rope type yarns, scraps, and my whey yarn…which is amazing.

Oh…and in the top of my closet is my “frog” pile…about 10 or 15 partially completed blankets that I don’t have the yarn to finish…so they need to be taken apart….

I have serious problems….this is why we moved…because I needed a yarn room….