2017 Review

2017 was an interesting year for me. My family went through a lot, and my husband and I both started back in college. So, things got a little hectic and crazy, but I think by the end of the year, we were starting to get the hang of it. However, considering I know what 2018 has in store for me, I can guarantee a much less aggressive goal oriented year.


Goals for 2017….

I am not setting an item goal. My focus this year is going to be on introducing new products. I have a big plan laid out that I will share in tomorrow’s post.
Technically, I met my goal 31 out of 52 weeks this year. So that is actually way, way, way better than I thought I would do! I am actually impressed with myself. I started slacking around June, and then things got really bad when I started back in school come September. I pretty much just cut everything out of my life and gave up.

Update this blog at least once a week.
Well, I managed at least once a month…

Sell 350 items. I am sticking with this one. This one will bring me joy. 🙂 HAHAHAHA! I sold 77 items. This was not my year apparently. I was also, obviously, way down on revenue this year. Like…wayyyy down.

Attend 3 craft fairs. Soka University, Patchwork Santa Ana Spring and Patchwork Santa Ana Fall. I don’t have the time to stock for more than that, and I know that these are good, solid shows. I actually only ended up doing 1 show this year. I did Retro Bettie, which I believe I still need to even blog about.


Yarn Purchased in 2017
52,056 yards, +18lbs of roving
12,740 yards of Red Heart Super Saver
11,544 yards of Lion Brand Scarfie
11,220 yards of Pound of Love
4,615 yards of I Love This Yarn
2,840 yards of Crafter’s Secret
2,600 yards of Aunt Lydia’s crochet thread
1,970 yards of Lion Brand Ice Cream
880 yards of Bernat Blanket
812 yards of Caron One Pound
788 yards of Lion Brand Wool Ease
708 yards of Red Heart Super Saver Stripes
615 yards of Big Twist
440 yards of Bernat Baby Blanket
284 yards of Yarn Bee Urban
18 pounds of wool roving

Yarn Crocheted in 2017
39,979 yards, +18lbs of roving, +2 yards of fleece
9,209 yards of Red Heart Super Saver
7,067 yards of I Love This Yarn
5,928 yards of Lion Brand Scarfie
4,708 yards of Pound of Love
4,624 yards of Crafter’s Secret
3604 yards of Red Heart Soft
1,610 yards of Lion Brand Ice Cream
770 yards of Bernat Blanket
710 yards of Yarn Bee Urban
570 yards of Lion Brand Jiffy
472 yards of Red Heart Super Saver Stripes
268 yards of Caron One Pound
220 yards of Bernat Baby Blanket
184 yards of Lion Brand Baby Soft
35 yards of Aunt Lydia’s crochet thread
18 pounds of wool roving
2 yards of fleece


Worth the Wait

Last year, I got this crazy idea to make tutus. Then, I realized that they are expensive to make, time consuming, shed glitter all over my house, and I hate them. Then, on top of that, they didn’t sell well.

Well, sometimes I get angry and frustrated and end up doing whatever I can to get rid of a piece I hate. Now, I don’t hate these tutus for any other reason than the fact that I am still picking glitter out of my couch and they didn’t sell. I am so sick of looking at them! So sick!

So, I had made a decision that for these next couple of craft fairs I was doing, I was going to GREATLY reduce the cost of these tutus, to just barely cover the cost of materials. I was that sick of looking at them.

Then…today…chaching. I actually sold the first one I made. The adorable fluffy green monster that I made my kid go out and model practically barefoot. For it’s normal price. To a lady on the other side of the world.

And that…that made it worth it…that is why you don’t give up…even when you are so sick of looking at something.




Milestones ~ Yippee!

I had this entire blog written out…then I read it and realized that it came off as rude and angry. And it wasn’t meant to be. I am quite happy…so…now I start over. 🙂

I am really excited about where SweetBabyDesi is heading. If I stand back and take a look at where I was a year ago…when I really buckled down and decided to start trying to make this work, to where I am now, I cannot even believe the amazing progress. This has transformed from something that sat on the wayside, barely clinging to the slightest grip of life, to a growing business. And while I am not even close to being out of the red, I am closer than I was 6 months ago…closer than I was 2 months ago…and things keep getting better. If the business continues on the path that it is heading, I will actually be profitable by this time next year, and that is really exciting.

Poor Chris is ready for that point, I think. He has put up with so much, the organizing and re-organizing (and re-organizing…) of the craft room. Yarn everywhere. Everywhere. Seriously…everywhere. Half finished products all over the house. Me never, ever driving. Me ignoring him and leaving him to die of boredom in lines at Disneyland. Glitter. So much glitter. Cutting tulle, wrapping and boxing up packages. Grumpy, cranky, angry me freaking out about money. So much. He really is the best.

I am so excited to see what else this year brings with it, business-wise. I am excited to see my average monthly income go up each month, even if it is just enough for a tank of gas (which in California is ridiculous, by the way). I am excited to see which products sell well, which do better in person. And it is sad to see which products will probably never sell (as they are often my favorites!) But, with each product, a lesson is learned.

So…thank you to all my past customers. Thank you to my few repeat customers. And thank you to that amazing sailor who bought my 100th item. You guys are amazing…and I bow to you.


Thank you!

To thank all of you lovely people for the support, I am hosting a give-away on Facebook to celebrate 100 fans! All you have to do is like the page and share the give away post and you are automatically entered in the drawing for a lovely F-Bomb! The winner will be selected on New Years Eve! So head on over and check it out!


Additionally, I am nearing 100 followers on twitter and instagram, so once those milestones are reached, I will be hosting another give-away on each of those sites! So, if you aren’t a fan, you should check it out! Three chances to win!

Have a lovely day, and if you haven’t yet, check out the shop for all sorts of cool stuff!