Change is Scary

There have been some recent changes to Etsy, and I am not a huge fan of them. I am normally a roll with the punches kind of girl when it comes to things that I don’t totally own. I mean, I basically rent space from Etsy, and that is all, so I have very little say in the way they run their business. However, this newest shop look is not a good change to me. I think that it looks good on mobile, but customers are far less likely to actually get to reviews or policies this way. And I think that on the desktop version, it looks like crap. I just don’t like it. It is big, gaudy, in your face.

So, Etsy also released another option…Pattern by Etsy…a “custom” site you can use to have your own standalone website! I have looked into this, pretty thoroughly, and agree that these sites look much better (for the most part) than the new Etsy face. However, here is my break down with Pattern…

-You pay $15 a month for this site. (which is a great price considering what other sites charge to have a shop!)

-You pay Etsy a 3.5% transaction fee on the purchase price of anything you sell. (I’m sorry, how is this standalone?)

-Everything you list has to already be listed in your Etsy shop. See, your Pattern store is a mirror store, the listings are identical…when you update your etsy shop, it updates your pattern store.
-So, you payΒ a single $0.20 listing fee to put an item in both shops.
-You have to follow all of Etsy’s listing requirements (handmade, vintage, craft supply)
-If your shop gets suspended or shut down, you lose your Pattern store as well.

-You have to accept Direct Checkout to have a Pattern store…and your Paypal will integrate with DC…and it integrates for both Pattern and your regular store, so no more stand alone Paypal.

-It is “standalone”, so you have to drive all of your own traffic there. (Plus pay a monthly fee and a listing fee and a transaction fee and a direct checkout fee!)

-You can purchase a custom domain for Pattern…but it isn’t really a custom domain. You purchase a domain that redirects to your pattern store, so it is more like a subdomain.

-Google search frowns on mirror sites, which is what Pattern is…


Basically, what Pattern is, is a $15 a month fee to customize the look of your Etsy shop, only without the benefit of the Etsy search engine and customers being driven to your shop. Needless to say, I said no thank you to that option.

I do, however, have a nagging fear that in the next year or so, this Pattern shop will not be optional. I have a feeling that Etsy is going the way of other sites, where they will limit how many items you can list for free (say 10 or 15) and if you want more, you have to upgrade to Pattern…


So…I have decided to put some eggs in another basket. I opened up an Indiemade shop. It is just a basic, low level, free one for now…I want to see if I can even drive traffic there. I have redirected my URL (sweetbabydesi.com) there, as opposed to directing it to Etsy as I did previously, and I am hoping that it goes well enough to justify upgrading to a higher level. Once I upgrade, my URL will become my indiemade URL, so no subdomains and redirecting. And that is exciting.





Product Photos

If you list it, they will come. Haha. Seriously though, getting found in search is a ridiculously important part of listing things and having an online business. But, if your listing shows up and your picture sucks, it probably won’t do you much good. You need super amazing photos to go with your super awesome SEO.

Now, I’m definitely not tooting my own horn and saying my photos are amazing. But, hey, they are getting better.

I finally admitted that I desperately needed to do something about my terribly crappy photos. So, I spent some money on a few different backdropsΒ that were on sale, went to Michaels and bought a few props, and spent Saturday taking some new pictures. I only made it through 3 items, but i got tons of photos and even more listings ready along with it. πŸ™‚

So, here are my behind the scenes iPhone photos my husband took while I was shooting.

Β Β 
Β Β 
Β Β 

Β Β 

And here is my favorite of my final product photos! I am so excited!!


Getting All Hi-Tech

So, Etsy implemented this really neat feature to the about page for shops! You can upload a video to it in order to help show your workspace and explain the background of your shop. I was iffy about it at first, but then I decided, hey, why not! So, I made a short little video for the shop and then plastered it everywhere! What do you think?