House Scarves

I am a self-admittedly huge Harry Potter nerd. I have read the books about 5 dozen times. I have seen the movies about 10 dozen times. And now I have happily and joyously been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal California.

When I found out the L.A. Dumbledore’s Army was having a massive dress the 9 3/4 day event at Wizarding, I had no choice. I had to go. It combined my intense love for Harry Potter with a theme park AND dressing super fancy like the pin-up diva I am.

Fortunately, I had finally gotten in part of my order from Pinup Girl Clothing that contained one item in each house harlequin color…2 dresses and 2 men’s shirts. (I now have 4 men’s shirts, 2 dresses, and 2 skirts…so that I have something for each house, as does my husband 🙂 )

We did not have my younger daughter that day, so it ended up just being a Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and a Slytherin roaming around all fancy like.


What does this have to do with crochet? Well, obviously something. It is my life after all. It was November, so it should have been cool, correct? Nevermind this crazy 80-90F winter LA has been having. So, I decided to whip up some house scarves to match our outfits. Well, sort of match.

I am running out my stash of Hobby Lobby yarn, as I no longer shop there, so I had a few stash problems while making these scarves. But, in general, I used 1 full skein of each main color and about a third of a skein of each aux color. My tassels at the end really depended on how much of which color yarn I had left. My Gryffindor scarf used the yellow, my Slytherin used the gray. However, I had enough blue to use for my Ravenclaw, and my Hufflepuff scarf (not pictured because I only wanted fancy pictures) is both black and yellow.

I did the later series scarves, along with the movie colors, not the book colors.

And it is the simplest scarf ever…


I do not count my turning chain as a stitch for this pattern. I used HL brand I Love This Yarn, with a J (6mm) hook.

in main color Ch 22
1)          HDC in 3rd chain, HDC across, ch 2 and turn (20)
2-5)       HDC across, ch 2 and turn (20)
6-7)       in aux color, HDC across, ch 2 and turn (20)
8-9)       in main color, HDC across, ch 2 and turn (20)
10-11)   in aux color, HDC across, ch 2 and turn (20)
12-26)   in main color, HDC across, ch 2 and turn (20)
repeat rows 6-26 until you are at the length you want then continue
repeat rows 6-11
final 5 rows) in main color, HDC across, ch 2 and turn. (tie off and weave in ends for last row)


Essentially, the pattern is all HDC, 20 across. 5 rows of main, 2 of aux, 2 of main, 2 of aux, 15 of main. Repeat the 2/2/2/15 until you want to end. Then do your 2/2/2 for your final striping, then 5 rows of main. Tie off and weave in ends.

My scarf was 5 large colored sections of 15, plus the striped sections and the 2 sections of 5 rows.

Tassels were easy, I did 11 tassels on the end, two pieces of yarn folded in half for each tassel, then looped through the last row on either end. You can do more or less, depending on how full you want your scarf to look.


So, here is my husband doing his best pinup pose.


My older daughter blowing kisses for extra love and wisdom.


And like the true Slytherin I am, I can’t even be bothered to look at the peasants taking this photo. 🙂


Retro Bettie

This last October, I took part vending during the annual Retro Bettie Bazaar hosted by Cherry Dollface. This is an event that I attend as a shopper each year, and I have always really enjoyed.

Now, I walked into this event not intending to do well. It isn’t really my crowd, being that most items being sold are vintage or pinup oriented in some fashion, and my stuff is not. But, I figured, lots of pinup moms, and I would go and hang out anyway, so let’s give it a try!

Attendance was not what I had come to expect, it was pretty down. So, from the start it was a slow day. However, everyone there was fun and excited to be out and about. The ladies and gents (and kiddos) that came around were trick or treating, laughing, smiling, and just generally enjoying their day.

As far as sales go, for me, it was pretty much zilch. Like I said, I don’t quite fit the motif, and I think I am just more expensive than what people are used to at these sort of events. And the one thing I have learned after all of these years is that the sale isn’t worth selling my work short. The expense of yarn and the time it takes to make this stuff is worth a decent price, so it is all about finding those willing to pay it.

The day wasn’t a total bust, as I got to see some of my favorite ladies from the SoCal pinup community, and the wonderful Jessica of Bomber Betty Cosmetics, which is pretty much the only makeup I wear.

We are still trying to figure out a good pricing display for events…as I hate individually tagging things, because there is just SO much, plus whether sales tax is included changes based on the event. But, at the same time, because there is so much, it is hard to have a sign for the individual items.

What do you guys think? What is the easiest pricing situation when you have hundreds of different types, and differently priced, items?


So Fluffy!!!

​I have been seeing this really incredible, super thick wool roving for the longest time. Arm knitting (and even easier, arm crocheting) have been this huge trend that I was afraid to jump on. However, when Pink Unicorn Studio had a summer sale, I knew it was time. Her shop had great reviews on this roving, and even though it was coming from Poland, it definitely seemed worth it to see what the fuss was about.

So, I ordered 18lbs of this yarn, 4.5lbs in 4 different colors, and set to waiting very impatiently for it to arrive.

Well, it showed up yesterday, and I dropped everything in my entire life to start playing with this incredible, amazing ball of fluffy goodness. And let me tell you, this is the softest, smushiest, heaviest blanket I have ever made. And I am totally in love.

The biggest problem is, it is wool roving…so it is absolutely not machine wash/dry. It also can be picked apart or snagged and torn if you let animal paws on it, or drag it around the house.

Of course, I made the blanket (and the other 3 I have planned) as lap blankets for my nieces and nephews (ages 2-6), so I am sure my sisters will be grateful for their children to have heavy blankets that aren’t easily cleaned and need to stay on the bed. But, hey, they are fun and squishy and soft and wonderful.

I arm-crocheted this using a HDC. It is 8 HDC across, and 11 rows high. This used 2 skeins (2.2lbs each), and is great for younger children as a lap blanket. For reference. I am 5’0″ and 17″ across at the shoulders.


Mommy and Me

For Mother’s Day this year, my husband decided to book (read, let me book) a fun photoshoot for my younger step-daughter and myself.

The shoot was the last weekend in April, so that the photos would be ready for Mother’s Day. So, we drove down (technically up) to Phoenix Saturday morning, for our Saturday afternoon photoshoot. The incredible Stevie Rosalie dolled us both up, threw in some super cute LilaJo hair flowers, helped us doff our matching Alice in Wonderland outfits from PinupGirl Clothing (my top is from TOBS), we threw on super fluffy petticoats, and then had a blast shooting with Tara O. (And, believe it or not, none of these companies paid me to link them. lol. They are just some of my absolute favorites! Tried, tested, truly amazing!!)


What was really amazing, and totally messed my husband’s world up, was that his little, baby, tiny princess is wearing one of my dresses, my petticoat, my shoes. He was absolutely dumbfounded. She and I went searching her closet and mine to try to find something that matched at least a little. We had originally decided on these super cute Dumbo skirts, but, we couldn’t find tops that worked for both of us. So, on a whim, I decided to have her try on a few of my dresses…and for anything that was high cut in the chest, they worked for her. We have about the same size waist (mine is 1″ bigger than hers), and I have a major shopping problem, so I have several items that I own multiple styles of the same print. So, she narrowed it down to two choices, then I landed on Alice because it was way more fun and colorful than the other one.

Tara was excited to see our outfits, because she never gets to use her yellow backdrop, and was convinced it would really cause everything to pop. And she was right. It all came together and worked out just fantastically!

So, even though I didn’t get to see her for Mother’s Day this year (though I did get a sweet text Sunday and a beautiful card yesterday), I did get to spend it with my older step-daughter and get to sort through these fantastic photos.



This is my husband’s favorite. It is sort of blooper, but he loved it. We were messing around, and Tara does an awesome job of catching really good, candid moments.


Hot Dog I Am Bad At This

Well, so much for blogging once a week in April. I really don’t even have much to say today. Well, actually, I have a lot to say, but I have no photographs of any of my stuff that I have been working on.


Things have been really crazy! I have been trying to get some skirts done, been on a different shift at work, had surgery, and been traveling nearly every weekend! I did a better job of following my schedule in April, but couldn’t catch up on my March fall behind!

But, I did get a ton of listings fixed, things back up and listed in the shop, and yea…really no difference, just not selling. But, I will talk more about that on the close up post.

I just wanted to check in, say hey! I am alive, and remind you that I update my instagram and facebook more regularly. Though, with the severe lack of photos, even my instagram has been slipping. Oh, and if  you are curious about the surgery and why things have been so crazy, you can check out my more personal blog.


Thanks for dealing with the rambling!


Changing Lives

( featured image stolen from the LA Times )


I feel like everyone has this dream at some point in their lives that they want to make a difference and change lives. I also think that most of us eventually realize that while we can touch and change those around us, on a grand scale, we aren’t likely to change to the world. Maybe a little bit morbid and glass half empty, but it is true. I am not likely to change thousands and thousands of lives in my day to day goings on.
My friend, however, is doing what we all dream of being able to do.


Sesame Street introduced a new character in 2015, named Julia. She is a little girl who has autism. She was introduced in their online program, and the entire concept really took off. So, Sesame moved on to bigger and better things. They designed a muppet and added her to the show. They are going to give children all over the world an opportunity to be introduced to autism. Now, Julia will obviously not be able to show the entire spectrum, but she will show some aspects of it. She will help teach children love, acceptance, patience, understanding. She will help show children that sometimes, when we don’t understand someone’s actions or responses, we just need to take the time to get to know them and learn about them and their background.

Sesame has an amazing team of puppeteers; they sort of have to. And, in my opinion, they hit gold with their choice of puppeteer for Julia. They have an amazing lady, Stacey Gordon, bringing Julia to the life on the show. She even has a unique perspective on the character, as she has a son with autism. A son who is amazingly witty and kind, and who is so thrilled for Julia to join the kids on Sesame Street.

I am really excited for this development. I am excited to see how it helps, how it changes lives, how incredible this thing they are all doing is going to turn out. Because, in the long run, if it makes life for ONE autistic child better, then it is worth everything put into it.

From the bottom of my heart, I am excited for this, I am thankful for this, and I am amazed by this.


These three videos take approximately 15 minutes to view in total, and they are completely worth the viewing.

This one gives an overview on introducing Julia and her background.
60 minutes snippet

This one includes an interview with the puppeteer and her son.
60 minutes overtime

And this one is all the really cool design and development aspects of making Julia.
Sesame Street Making Of


Santa’s Village – Skypark

On Dec 4th, we decided to take a Disney break and head up to the newly re-opened Santa’s Village. It originally opened in 1955, but was shut down in 1998 due to financial business hardship. The grand re-opening was Dec. 2, 2016. So, we had to take the drive and stroll on up to the snowy wonderland.

We had fantastic weather for it, 50F and sunny. Which was great, since there was still snow on the ground from earlier in the week, and this weekend it is supposed to be 30F and snowing!

Unfortunately, a lot of the attractions were still shut down, such as the zip line and the mountain trails, but what was open was fantastic! The elves were some of the most wonderfully helpful people we have ever met. They truly went out of their way to make sure people felt welcome, accommodated, and family.

The train ride is a fun little adventure, full of lame jokes and fantastic sights. The mini rock wall was a lot of fun. Meeting Santa was hilarious and a blast. The Christmas parade and lighting of the tree is like a dream. The story telling in the Pavilion was exciting and heartwarming. The hot chocolate and coffee was in abundance and a million different flavors. The shops offered SO many unique gifts and designs. And the pizza…SOOOOOO good!

They even had Arrow wondering around, a 3/4 Timberwolf, 1/4 Malamute dog that loves his dear owner, Santa, more than anything.




The Mistletones are the current park entertainment, through the end of the month. They provided us more joy than anyone could possibly imagine…because, much to our surprise, my younger girls’ favorite Disneyland Dapper Dan is the tenor for the group! So, we had an amazing surprise when we were walking up the ramp and BOOM! There he was! So, we spent quite a bit of time with them, following them around like stalkers (or to quote the best pun I heard that day, we Christmas Stocked them…), and chit chatting. They were absolutely incredible! They did some traditional caroling as well as their many, and hilarious, renderings of popular music turned Christmas truths. Seeing them was worth the money alone, the rest of the park was just a bonus.