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I am seriously blown away by her stuff all the time!


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Fox Rug (Pattern Review)

I absolutely adore Ira Rott patterns. She wrote the amazing pattern that I used for my elephant pillows. I actually have about 30 of her patterns, and am very slowly working my way through them. The next one I found time to work through (during my AMAZING free week according to my new organizational system!), it happened to be this super cute fox rug pattern. Now, I did not add a backing to it, because I like the idea of it being a blanket or a rug on the carpet or a photo prop, as opposed to an actual rug; but the pattern does give detailed instructions on how to add a non-slip backing to it.

This pattern worked up super quickly, I did it in 2 days or just working on it part time, and turned out SO cute. The stitches are simple, with a crab stitch and a picot being the only real “non-basic” stitches in it. And, as always, she gives detailed instructions on how to complete these stitches.

The most difficult part of the entire pattern is sewing things together. But, that is because I am super lazy and hate to hand-sew things. 🙂

Seriously, from beginner to experienced crocheters, I highly, highly, highly recommend Ira Rott’s patterns. It is all so STINKIN ADORABLE, so many options, and so easy to follow.


Elephant Pillow – Pattern Review

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about not giving up when  you are struggling. This is the project that I was having such a hard time with. As I said before, I cannot pinpoint why I was struggling, as looking at it now, it was really very simple. I think I was just reading too much into it and making it far more difficult than it needed to be.

So, here she is, the grand and viral Ira Rott Elephant Pillow! I love how she turned out!

This pattern is really, really well written. Ira included several graphs, lots and lots of pictures, and it is written from a really basic standpoint. There are some more advanced stitches in this, such as the picot. But, she even includes a brief tutorial on how to make these stitches.

I think this is a wonderful pattern for a slightly more experienced hooker to work on. The ears may be too much for a beginner. But, I have faith that someone with enough dedication, even if not the experience, can make this lovely elephant.

Oh, and this is my new favorite bow pattern. Ever…It is pretty much amazing.

You can also pick up the completed pretty lady right here.




Hug A Pug

My best customer came to me a couple months ago and asked for a special pug blanket. she sent me several photographs of a friend’s pug, and I was able to come up with a pretty neat corner to corner graph for it. I absolutely love corner to corner crochet. I am finding it a fantastic alternative to Tunisian crochet, which I totally suck at. Realistically, I can take just about anything, turn it into a pixel graph, and then make it into a blanket, or washcloth, or wall hanging, or whatever. It is really exciting!


This pug blanket was actually started in the emergency room of the VA hospital. My husband’s back went out, and we spent most of our day there. So, I figured it would take a long time and brought some stuff to start it. I actually made it a good ways before leaving the hospital. The left and upper right photos are at the hospital. The bottom right photo is before I went to bed that night.




I became totally obsessed with this project, and it was my continued focus before work.


Eventually, I did manage to find a less chaotic way to keep my yarn. The next time I work on a C2C project, I will show you how I organize the yarn so that it doesn’t look like the below disaster.



I was so excited when I started to finally really see the progress. I think this is why I love C2C so much. I feel like you see progress much faster. 🙂



Isn’t he noble looking?



Then..one day…I got this far and had to go to work…I was not happy. LOOK HOW CLOSE I AM!



So, here he is in all of his completed glory. Ladies and gentlemen, feel free to hug the pug. 🙂



This is the back. The letters still need a little perfection, but he turned pretty well, much better than my first c2c project that required me to put a backing blanket on it!



Mer-Done! (Pattern Review)

I cannot believe that I forgot to post my review  of this ridiculously awesome pattern by Felted Button! This is probably one of the hardest patterns I have had to make my way through. Now, the writer is amazing. Great pictures, lots of diagrams, tons of explanations. The pattern is not difficult to work. What makes it more advanced is the join as you go connections. Each of these scales is individually made, and joined to the other scales as you crochet it. It takes some time to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, it is pretty simple to work up the rest of the scales.

The problem, however, lies in the fact that there are over 200 scales…which means over 400 ends to weave in. I made this slightly more bearable by weaving them in every 10 scales or so…but it is still a nightmare. I am sure there is a better way, I just have to look at it again.


I made this blanket as part of a special order for a good friend of mine. She had ordered the shark toddler cocoon, the owl blanket, and this mermaid tail blanket. So, I was super excited when I finished all three of those projects and could help a family stay a little warmer. 🙂

Now, I work on a new project for the same family. 🙂


Little Merpeople

I have been working on this mermaid project for a long time. I have actually been working on it since April 12, off and on. It has ended up being a much bigger, harder project than I had initially imagined. The pattern is really well written, easy to understand, and wonderful. Nothing is overly complicated or difficult to do. The problem is how intense the work is on my hands. It is like making smaller amigurumi, I can only focus on it for so long before it gives me a headache. I can only work so many motifs before my hands start to hurt and I need to move on to a larger project. Now, buying some better, more ergonomic, hooks has helped a lot, but any time I am handling something small, like these motifs, and holding on to the smaller item, I have to hunch over more, and I can start to feel the physical strain of crochet. So, I have found that I can really only do 8 to 10 motifs, then I have to swap to something else for a while. So, I have been steadily working on it, nearly every day for the last week or so, and am slowly getting there. I am about 70% done, and am really loving how it is turning out. I can’t wait to show you the final project.


Nom Nom Nom!

So, remember that really crazy friend I talked about the other day? Well, she has a few other requests. One, I have been working on for a while, one that I am still designing in my head, and this guy that I am going to talk about today. So, I have been working on this mermaid blanket intermittently, and it is sort of a pain in the butt. So, I needed a break. Well, Chris and I were heading to Disneyland about a week and a half ago, so we swung by Hobby Lobby and picked up some neat gray yarn for me to work on a different project while we were there. My friend wanted a shark blanket that a toddler could slip into and be devoured. So, off to the world of design I went.

Now, I am not your normal pattern writer, I am not your normal designer. I don’t sketch anything out, I don’t write things down beforehand…I just sort of picture something in my head and start shaping things to look like my mind thinks. It does not always work well. Well, I did know that if this turned out well, I wanted to sell the pattern, so I did keep track of what I was doing.

So, as always, I worked on it  at Disneyland, and this was result by the end of our few hours there.

I spent a couple days making this, taking intermittent photos to sort of show the progression.

The dorsal fin totally made it. It was hard to figure out what it was going to be before then.

The teeth are my favorite part. This is the part that makes the pattern a little more advanced than it appears to be. Because you are working up the side, but you are also working FLO/BLO to try to get the teeth directly over the gums. It was an interesting experience. But, I couldn’t imagine this guy without the gums!

So, I did put his tail fin on incorrectly, but I did it intentionally. I wanted the tailfin to lay flat when he was on his side, so…if you flip him on his belly, he looks funny and wouldn’t be able to swim.

All in all, I am really happy with this guy. I think his butt is a little too round, he could definitely have used some narrowing out. But, I think he looks like a shark, he looks vicious and sweet all at the same time…and I think the design really works. I give him two flippers up. 🙂