Gingerbread Love – Pattern Review

This dress is so cute…I could seriously die. I saw it on Facebook and had to make one. I had no choice. And the entire time I was making it, I kept stopping to say, ohmygoshthisisthecutestthingever! Now, I messed up my first one, I forgot the bottom line of white, but the other ones will be better. I promise. I was quite tired and trying to do this in the car. πŸ™‚

This pattern came from the ever talented Sarah of Repeat Crafter Me. I have never seen a pattern by her that didn’t amaze me. She is so talented. And, she continually offers free patterns because she rocks.

This pattern fooled me. It is more time consuming than it looked. I always forget how time consuming making something from almost exclusively V stitches can be. But, it is really quite the simple pattern and her guidelines are so easy to follow. Some important notes…there is a point, around round 28, where Sarah puts in a note about making the bodice longer. You will need to do this. If you don’t have your toddler near you, you can easily plush out sizing charts on pinterest. I just took the average back length and multiplied it by 0.6 to get the approximate length from under the armpit to waist. (I figured that out by measuring this on my kid, my husband, and myself and realizing that ratio worked each time…approximately.) The other thing, you really should use the recommended yarn, or use a slightly larger hook. I used the H hook, but I used I Love This Yarn. The dress is supposed to be a 2T, but mine ended up being about an 18 month around the bodice. But, the length was obviously 2T. So…yea…it is a little long. Now, I don’t crochet super tightly or anything, I just think it had to do with the different yarns. As hers, obviously, fit her daughter who was (is?)Β a 2T. So, just double check your measurements to ensure it will actually fit whoever you are giving it to. πŸ™‚ Now, Sarah does give easy instructions for making the dress longer or wider. I just didn’t follow them.

This dress is so sweet and fun to make. Now I just need a child to stick it on…