May Review



May was actually a decent month. I got back on track with a lot of what I was making, I made a few sales, and I managed to take a lot of new product photos.


May Plan


May 1 – Charity
I made like 90% of a shawl. I ran out of yarn before I could finish it. But, I will finish it as soon as I get a spare moment. 🙂

May 8 – 4th of July Props
I made a super cute red, white, and blue photo prop. I actually just took photos of it over the weekend and will get it listed and blogged very shortly.

May 15 – Free Week
I started working on my lacey parasol. I go to about 70% complete.

May 22 – Pinup
I finished up my rockabilly doll, and am SO excited to be able to finally list her and blog about her! I also finished up my parasol!

May 29 – Halloween Props
Just got started on this week, and am focusing on candy corns.



Yarn Purchased in May

5,387 yards total (YIKES!!)
284 yards of Yarn Bee Urban (to finish my parasol)
728 yards of Red Heart Super Saver (to finish my shawl, and it turned out to be the wrong color)
1065 yards of Crafter’s Secret (for the photoprop)
710 yards of I Love This Yarn (for the beard hats)
2,600 yards of (another parasol, and some earrings I want to make)


Yarn Crocheted in May

2,480 yards total
710 yards of  Yarn Bee Urban (parasol)
910 yards of Red Heart Super Saver (shawl)

710 yards of Crafter’s Secret (photo prop, rockabilly doll)
150 yards of I Love This Yarn (two beard hats for orders)


Sales History

  • 2013
    • 0 sales for 0 items
  • 2014
    • 0 sales for 0 items
  • 2015
    • 17 sales for 22 items, increase in revenue (includes Soka University Festival)
  • 2016
    • 23 sales for 26 items, increase in revenue (includes Soka University Festival)
  • 2017
    • 5 sales for 5 items, large decrease in revenue

Sock Monkey Blanket

Please excuse the crummy pictures, I promise that I am in the process of getting some better ones. But, this guy right here, my super adorable sock monkey blanket, is actually one of my favorite early pieces, especially of my own designs. Now, I say my own design, but there is obviously nothing super spectacular or difficult about this guy was made. A circle, a semi circle, and two 3/4 circles. Then add some eyes, a nose, and a smile. Really, really simple and quick to work up.

No, what I love about this guy is actually the yarn. This guy is made of a nylon yarn, so he is actually too warm and heavy to be used casually as a blanket, But, the softness, the texture, it is perfect for a tummy time mat or to lay on top of in general. I used Lion Brand Quick & Cozy yarn. And I have a feeling it will be discontinued soon, as I don’t see much of it on the website anymore. But man oh man, do I love that stuff.

I ordered it just on a whim one day while ordering an obscene amount of yarn from the LB clearance section. I just wanted to try all sorts of different textures, thicknesses, and fibers in general. It took me forever to decide what to make with this, because it is just so different from my other yarns. If you have never worked with a nylon yarn, touch some, your life will suddenly make sense. Well, not really, because it is amazing, but you can’t put it in the washer/dryer which makes it a pain in the rump too.


Anyway, I love this guy. He is one of my absolute favorites because I just like to touch him. (It’s a little inappropriate, ehh? Touching my monkey. Teehee!)





Mommy and Me

For Mother’s Day this year, my husband decided to book (read, let me book) a fun photoshoot for my younger step-daughter and myself.

The shoot was the last weekend in April, so that the photos would be ready for Mother’s Day. So, we drove down (technically up) to Phoenix Saturday morning, for our Saturday afternoon photoshoot. The incredible Stevie Rosalie dolled us both up, threw in some super cute LilaJo hair flowers, helped us doff our matching Alice in Wonderland outfits from PinupGirl Clothing (my top is from TOBS), we threw on super fluffy petticoats, and then had a blast shooting with Tara O. (And, believe it or not, none of these companies paid me to link them. lol. They are just some of my absolute favorites! Tried, tested, truly amazing!!)


What was really amazing, and totally messed my husband’s world up, was that his little, baby, tiny princess is wearing one of my dresses, my petticoat, my shoes. He was absolutely dumbfounded. She and I went searching her closet and mine to try to find something that matched at least a little. We had originally decided on these super cute Dumbo skirts, but, we couldn’t find tops that worked for both of us. So, on a whim, I decided to have her try on a few of my dresses…and for anything that was high cut in the chest, they worked for her. We have about the same size waist (mine is 1″ bigger than hers), and I have a major shopping problem, so I have several items that I own multiple styles of the same print. So, she narrowed it down to two choices, then I landed on Alice because it was way more fun and colorful than the other one.

Tara was excited to see our outfits, because she never gets to use her yellow backdrop, and was convinced it would really cause everything to pop. And she was right. It all came together and worked out just fantastically!

So, even though I didn’t get to see her for Mother’s Day this year (though I did get a sweet text Sunday and a beautiful card yesterday), I did get to spend it with my older step-daughter and get to sort through these fantastic photos.



This is my husband’s favorite. It is sort of blooper, but he loved it. We were messing around, and Tara does an awesome job of catching really good, candid moments.





May should make for an interesting month. Personally, I have a lot to handle this month. However, I am only out of town for one weekend, so it should be more feasible to get some serious crocheting done. We shall see.


May 1 – Charity

May 8 – 4th of July Props

May 15 – Free Week

May 22 – Pinup

May 29 – Halloween Props