Hot Dog I Am Bad At This

Well, so much for blogging once a week in April. I really don’t even have much to say today. Well, actually, I have a lot to say, but I have no photographs of any of my stuff that I have been working on.


Things have been really crazy! I have been trying to get some skirts done, been on a different shift at work, had surgery, and been traveling nearly every weekend! I did a better job of following my schedule in April, but couldn’t catch up on my March fall behind!

But, I did get a ton of listings fixed, things back up and listed in the shop, and yea…really no difference, just not selling. But, I will talk more about that on the close up post.

I just wanted to check in, say hey! I am alive, and remind you that I update my instagram and facebook more regularly. Though, with the severe lack of photos, even my instagram has been slipping. Oh, and ifΒ  you are curious about the surgery and why things have been so crazy, you can check out my more personal blog.


Thanks for dealing with the rambling!


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