February Review



Shop-wise, February was not the best month. It’s actually my worst February since opening the shop, saleswise. However, I still have the shop in ready to ship only, and I am doing very little advertising.

I am going through some health things right now, and I just don’t have the energy or stability to focus on it all. So, I am taking some time to myself. I am working at my own pace, creating what I want, and not being totally stressed out about trying to push sales.

My husband and I had a long discussion and actually decided to forego the craft fairs this year, as it just isn’t worth it right now. We will pick it back up next year, when we can really focus again.


February Plan

Jan 30 – Valentines Props √√√

Feb 6 – Free Week √√√ (I made a fox rug! I also finished 3 Valentine’s skirts.)

Feb 13 – Free Week √√√ (I made a fireman costume!)

Feb 20 – Easter Props √√√ (I made a carrot / bunny prop!)

Feb 27 – Charity √√√ (Started working on this yesterday, and will continue throughout the week. I am currently focusing on scarves.)


Yarn Purchased in February

6,735 yards (I needed to use my super awesome JoAnn Fabrics coupon– $30 off $75! Plus, Bernat Blanket was on sale!)
1,775 yards of I Love This Yarn (purchased for the fox rug)
3,640 yards of Red Heart Super Saver (purchased for the charity scarves)
440 yards of Bernat Baby Blanket
880 yards of Bernat Blanket


Yarn Crocheted in February

2,894 yards total
50 yards of Lion Brand Jiffy
1,180 yards of Crafter’s Secret
564 yards of Red Heart Super Saver
1,100 yards of I Love This Yarn


Sales History

  • 2013
    • Not Open
  • 2014
    • 1 sale for 1 item
  • 2015
    • 4 sales for 4 items, increase in revenue
  • 2016
    • 24 sales for 24 items, increase in revenue
  • 2017
    • 1 sale for 1 item, large decrease in revenue

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