Adventures In Sewing

I recently got a bug up my butt with the intense need to do something different. I love crochet, but after the holidays, it just fell off my radar. I needed to do something different, something new. So, I started watching random YouTube crafting tutorials. I figured, maybe something quick and easy would strike my fancy. And then, I found Annika’s channel. I am absolutely in love wither YouTube channel, and with her voice. I spent hours and hours watching sewing tutorials, knowing that I could pretty much never do any of the stuff, but hey, it gave me something to watch and dream about.

So, one day while my husband and older girl were off getting tattooed, I decided to brave the rainstorm and take my younger girl to JoAnn Fabric. I sort of just set her 11 year old self free and told her to pick out what she liked. Approximately 100-150 yards of fabric later, we were ready to get home. So, I spent a few more hours studying some tutorials (as it had been approximately 10 years since I had done any real sewing), and decided, hey! This half circle skirt doesn’t look so hard!

Yea…it didn’t look hard at all. So, I got to cutting out material. I even had enough to make 4 skirts! Yay! Matchy-matchy for myself, my two girls, and my 5 (almost 6!!) year old niece!

So, armed with super adorable Valentine’s fabric and Youtube knowledge, I started sewing…



The front actually didn’t turn out too shabby. Especially considering I was too lazy to iron the fabric first, AND I totally forgot to wash it before I cut it. :-: But yea, the waist band was super cute, as long as you don’t look too closely at the stitching to see how uneven it is…


The back though…apparently, zippers are harder than I imagined. The stitching is uneven and terrible…but hey, it functioned and fit. Well, this one fit.


Funny story…I messed up the direction of the pattern and the stretch went up and down instead of side to side…this is due to that whole not washing it first thing…oooops…Oh! And!! I totally had no idea how to determine zipper size. I was trying to be cute, so I was like, cool! 4inch zippers for the cute little girls and a 6inch zipper for me! Yay! Yea…my skirt wouldn’t even come over my thighs…but, it did fit my 19 year old no problem. Which is good, because her skirt wouldn’t go over her hips…but, it is only slightly too big for her little sister…so I guess she has two skirts now. lol. Luckily, both the niece and my 11 year old fit into their skirts just fine. They even all wore them on Valentine’s Day! Look how cute!!!

But, the kids looked cute, they liked the skirt…and my next sewing project does not involve zippers…although my friend told me a cool trick to determine zipper length for a circle skirt!

(Hip size – Waist size) / 2 = zipper length needed!

So, for me…

(38in – 25in) / 2 = 6.5in, so really, a 7in zipper for me. 🙂



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