Hello February


February should be a fun month for me. I scheduled a lot of me time in here…which is perfect, as I have so many ideas! I have my Valentines’ prop started, and I cannot wait to be able to share it! It is going to be amazing! I also have A TON of new patterns to start on, and I have 2 glorious free weeks to work on them! Plus, I have a few skirts that I need to finish quick, fast, and in a hurry! I am really excited for some of the sewing projects I have decided to work on. I also have a super cute idea for an Easter prop, I just am not sure if it is going to pan out. 🙂


I do need some charity ideas though. I was thinking of doing hats, but part of me wonders if making small toys would be better. I mean, most knitters and crocheters do hats and blankets, so would small amigurumi be a more unique idea? It would give children something more than the basics. Or, is sticking with hats/scarves/blankets the ideal choice?


Jan 30 – Valentines Props

Feb 6 – Free Week

Feb 13 – Free Week

Feb 20 – Easter Props

Feb 27 – Charity


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