Welcome to 2017!


I am excited for the new year. I have some fairly elaborate plans, and am hoping that things pan out.


As far as goals for 2016, here is where I stand.

150 items in the shop by the end of 2016.
Technically, this has happened, if I reactivated all of my made to order items. However, with the shop on just finished items, ready to ship only, I am under 100.

I managed to sell 295 items last year…my goal was 52…so this year, my goal is to sell 350 items.
246 sales for 270 items. I am a little disappointed that I didn’t hit my goal, but it was super aggressive, and with so many of my sales last year being that shark pattern when it went crazy on Facebook, I am overall pleased with how well I did this year. I made about 10% less this year than I did last year, but I also took a lot more time off than I normally would, with the wedding and a few of the larger custom orders I had.

Attend 5 craft fairs this year.
I only ended up attending 4. I am quite okay with that. I knocked one of them off my list completely, and the other 3 are ones I will continue to attend.



Goals for 2017….


I am not setting an item goal. My focus this year is going to be on introducing new products. I have a big plan laid out that I will share in tomorrow’s post.


Update this blog at least once a week.


Sell 350 items. I am sticking with this one. This one will bring me joy. 🙂


Attend 3 craft fairs. Soka University, Patchwork Santa Ana Spring and Patchwork Santa Ana Fall. I don’t have the time to stock for more than that, and I know that these are good, solid shows.


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