Santa’s Village – Skypark

On Dec 4th, we decided to take a Disney break and head up to the newly re-opened Santa’s Village. It originally opened in 1955, but was shut down in 1998 due to financial business hardship. The grand re-opening was Dec. 2, 2016. So, we had to take the drive and stroll on up to the snowy wonderland.

We had fantastic weather for it, 50F and sunny. Which was great, since there was still snow on the ground from earlier in the week, and this weekend it is supposed to be 30F and snowing!

Unfortunately, a lot of the attractions were still shut down, such as the zip line and the mountain trails, but what was open was fantastic! The elves were some of the most wonderfully helpful people we have ever met. They truly went out of their way to make sure people felt welcome, accommodated, and family.

The train ride is a fun little adventure, full of lame jokes and fantastic sights. The mini rock wall was a lot of fun. Meeting Santa was hilarious and a blast. The Christmas parade and lighting of the tree is like a dream. The story telling in the Pavilion was exciting and heartwarming. The hot chocolate and coffee was in abundance and a million different flavors. The shops offered SO many unique gifts and designs. And the pizza…SOOOOOO good!

They even had Arrow wondering around, a 3/4 Timberwolf, 1/4 Malamute dog that loves his dear owner, Santa, more than anything.




The Mistletones are the current park entertainment, through the end of the month. They provided us more joy than anyone could possibly imagine…because, much to our surprise, my younger girls’ favorite Disneyland Dapper Dan is the tenor for the group! So, we had an amazing surprise when we were walking up the ramp and BOOM! There he was! So, we spent quite a bit of time with them, following them around like stalkers (or to quote the best pun I heard that day, we Christmas Stocked them…), and chit chatting. They were absolutely incredible! They did some traditional caroling as well as their many, and hilarious, renderings of popular music turned Christmas truths. Seeing them was worth the money alone, the rest of the park was just a bonus.



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