November Wrap Up


November was busy and crazy and just very overwhelming for me. My life, in general, is overwhelming from August (the worst month of the entire year) until January. So yea…


I had 21 sales for 26 items, so pretty great, especially consider I made approximately 25% more than I did last year…So, that’s exciting. 🙂



As far as November goals:


  • Stuff I need to make
    • 10 fat cats   Not quite, I managed to make 4
    • 10 ice creams Not quite, I managed to make 6
    • 10 bearded baby hats Not quite, I managed to make 7, but I did make 12 Santa and Elf hats for my show instead


  • Stuff I need to finish:
    • Pinup Doll  Nada
    • Bumper Bangs hat  Done!!! Yay!


  • Stuff I  would like to make some progress on
    • Elephant pillows Christmas order  I actually made decent progress, the face is done for 2 of the 4, and the ears are done for 1. So, now it is just time to hardcore focus on this
    • The first doll in the new line  HAHAHA
    • 1 kitty koi corner to corner blanket (sadly, my lowest priority)  HAHAHA


  • Events I will be attending
    • Patchwork Santa Ana on November 27th  Done!

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