Sometimes, I feel like I take on entirely too much in my life. I had a project that I really wanted to finish by last weekend, which didn’t happen…so that was cool, I could just finish it this week…but that didn’t happen. So, now it gets pushed until after my craft shows at the end of the month. I really wanted to be able to gift it to a new friend this weekend…but alas, again I suck.

I also have a really big Christmas order that I have been chipping away at over the last month. But, I am started to get a little nervous about the timing for it. Basically, I am booked for Christmas already, and won’t have time to make the gifts I had wanted to. Which is amazing, fantastic, wonderful. I want to be busy and booked and moving forward in the business.

But, I do not handle stress well. I am totally freaked out about where I am with everything. I have nothing ready for this craft show. I have nothing ready to list as Christmas products. I have tons of products that need to be listed and aren’t. I am a little twitchy right now when it comes to my life in general.




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