One of my best friends recently had a baby. They are HUGE 49ers fans. So, of course, when little man was getting close to getting here, I had to get to work on some special projects.

So, without further adieu, here is creepy smile baby in the first version of my football prop. I have done some tweeking to it since, and I actually like the new version much better. I just forgot to take a picture before sending it out.

This is not the one my friend got, she actually got the second version. The third version is the for sure keeper. But LOOK HOW CUTE CREEPY BABY IS with this little football hat.



I also decided to try making a second hat that resembled the old school football helmets. The one I sent to my friend had a stripe down the center in 49ers colors. 🙂



I actually really love the leatherhead helmet look with it. However, customers feel differently. The matching hat sells much better. It makes me a little sad, but hey, who am I to argue with what people like?


I am working on writing up the pattern, now that I have it fully completed and finalized a way that I like. That will go up in the Etsy shop once completed. But, life is so crazy right now, that might be a while.


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