November Goals



And here is November in review…


November 2013

  • 0 sales for 0 items

November 2014

  • 7 sales for 7 items

November 2015

  • 15 sales for 17 items



Candy corns are still my primary focus this month. Most of my Halloween orders are candy corns, so I need to make sure I am good that way. My biggest goal this month is to keep up with orders.


  • Stuff I need to make
    • 10 fat cats
    • 10 ice creams
    • 10 bearded baby hats


  • Stuff I need to finish:
    • Pinup Doll
    • Bumper Bangs hat


  • Stuff I  would like to make some progress on
    • Elephant pillows Christmas order
    • The first doll in the new line
    • 1 kitty koi corner to corner blanket (sadly, my lowest priority)


  • Events I will be attending
    • Patchwork Santa Ana on November 27th

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