So, Etsy has been experiencing some interesting issues over the last several weeks. It is making it nigh impossible to run a shop there.

At the beginning of the month, there was a massive payment processing delay that went on for about 10 days before being “resolved.” Customers were placing orders, paying with direct checkout (Etsy’s payment processor), their cards were being charged, but the sellers did not have orders going through. They were in this pending status and the sellers had no money and no way of knowing if the payment would ever go through. So, they were not shipping until payments cleared. Oh, and payments not clearing meant refunds couldn’t be given either…because there was no money to refund.

Etsy kept blaming Worldpay, but Worldpay kept denying it. Now, it has all come out that Worldpay is having tons of issues and it isn’t just Etsy being affected.




So, they finally get orders to process and all of a sudden some new issues pops up…customers are being double charged for their orders! And sellers are being double charged for their automatic billing on what was owed to Etsy! And refunds aren’t processing in a timely fashion!

I imagine this is how they all feel…



So, for now, I have my direct checkout turned off. And I am lucky, because I was not forced to integrate my direct checkout with my PayPal, like new sellers are now. So, customers to my Etsy shop can still pay via PayPal. However, these issues just remind me yet again how much I need to be focused on moving customers to my stand alone site.


This craziness is getting to be beyond what I can deal with. Oh Etsy, please act like a big company and get a reliable payment processor.


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