Let’s Do This – Month 1

When you are not overweight, it is hard to talk about fitness. If you talk about your body, your discomfort, your desire to tone or to lose a couple pounds, people instantly jump on the “you’re not fat” bandwagon, instead of encouraging you to your goals. And while I think it is great to be positive about someone’s appearance, it is even better to support them as long as the change they are making is healthy and positive.

I have been steadily gaining weight since I left the Navy, and Japan. And while I am nowhere near “fat”, I weigh 110% of what I did in 2013. And, to make matters worse, my body fat percentage is significantly higher than it was. So, I am not just gaining weight, but the strong, toned, well formed muscles I had are turning into these great fatty cells that just hang out and make me feel badly when I am in a bikini. So, I am adding fitness back into my life, a little bit at a time, and making some small changes to my lifestyle in general.

I do not, absolutely do not, believe in miracle diets, drinks, foods, anything of the sort. I do not believe you must cut out all gluten, or all carbs, or all sugars, or whatever in order to lose weight and be healthy. I actually very firmly believe your body needs gluten (unless you legitimately have Celiac disease…then you should probably avoid gluten) and carbs. But, diets are about balance, and balancing protein and carbs, natural sugars, allowing yourself at least a little bit of “crap” so that you don’t have cheat days and full on gorge. Diets are about a lifestyle change, not a temporary fix to feel better about yourself.

Now, let’s talk about Flat Tummy Tea…no clue if it will work, but reading the ingredients, it makes sense. It is probably a large part of why I was in so much better shape living in Japan, as I was drinking a lot of this sort of tea anyway. The purpose of Flat Tummy Tea is NOT to help you lose weigh. It is actually designed to help with bloating. Once you make some strides to eliminate bloating, you are on your way to feeling better, having more energy, and having a visibly flatter tummy. Obviously, this doesn’t help with toning or body fat percentages, but it is a place to start. So, next week, I start this tea, along with some dietary changes, and adding in some light exercise…and I will check back in next month. šŸ™‚


Estimates me at 25% body fat, with 32% being average, 22% being ideal, and 15-20% being athletic. I used to be at 17%.




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