Patchwork Long Beach Spring 2016

This last Sunday, I took part in the annual Patchwork Makers Festival in Long Beach, CA. Since I was new to the event, we opted to go with the less expensive, smaller booth size. Which, unfortunately, meant no tent and no Cutie Pie. But we stilled  managed a pretty cool looking booth (we did end up using a box to prop up the top part of the owl blanket), and drew in a fair share of customers. My newly released ice cream amigurumi did quite well, and my fat cats were once again a huge hit.



The baby doll ended up being the highlight of the show! We had multiple people come over who thought it was a real baby that I had balanced on the table for display. A little ridiculous, but funny and got people talking to us.



I learned a handful of lessons at this show. Like, apparently I need to make adult sized bearded hats and octopus hats. And I am also looking into turning some of my products into rattles as well as just plush toys. Everyone thought the ice cream cones and weights were rattles, and seemed interested in that.


I also found out that you shouldn’t buy things off of Amazon when you are tired. I purchased the green umbrella while I was on vacation in Hawaii. Sunnydaze Steel 5 Foot Sage Green Beach Umbrella with Tilt Function. I had read the reviews, or so I thought, and notice a coupel bad ones, but they mostly talked about the colors, and the rest were positive. Now, looking back, I do see 3 bad reviews (one is ours) since I purchased, but I am only seeing 6 reviews in total…and I could have sworn I had read 15 or 20 when I purchased. Either way, the umbrella is a piece of crap. It is nearly sheer, and it provides exactly zero protection from the sun. I got a horrible, awful, painful, terrible sunburn. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I will go back to only getting spaces where I can set up my whole canopy.




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