Elsa C2C Square

I am part of a FB group that follows / idolizes / adores / fangirls over the incredible Sarah from RepeatCrafterMe. One of the ladies there posted these amazing Disney princess squares she had made using the C2C technique. The problem was, these squares were all different sizes and she wasn’t sure how to fit them together. So, I mentioned that I had made the same pictures into squares of equal size (18 rows x 18 columns, for about a 16in square when using an I hook, DC, and worsted weight yarn). One of the ladies asked me for them, so I figured, I might as well post it up here. I was waiting until I had actually completed the blanket, but it doesn’t seem like there will be time for that anytime soon. So, I will spend the next couple weeks going through the squares that I’ve evened out and written out the color changes for.
Now, I actually recommend doing the C2C with HDC or SC to make the squares smaller…but that depends on how many you plan on doing.
(I will also probably repeat this intro in each post…and as I go, I will link the other princesses / awesome chicks I wrote up.)

Pocahontas, Cinderella, Mulan, Merida, Alice, Tiana, Belle

Elsa C2C Square


B = blue (background)
DB = dark blue (eyes/dress
LB = light blue (dress)
T = tan (skin)
G = gray (hair)
R = red (lips)
W = white (hair)


Rnd 1 – 1B
Rnd 2 – 2B
Rnd 3 – 3B
Rnd 4 – 4B
Rnd 5 – 4B, 1DB
Rnd 6 – 1LB, 1DB, 4B
Rnd 7 – 5B, 2DB
Rnd 8 – 3DB, 5B
Rnd 9 – 5B, 1DB, 1LB, 2DB
Rnd 10 – 1DB, 1LB, 2DB, 6B
Rnd 11 – 6B, 5DB
Rnd 12 – 1LB, 2DB, 2LB, 1T, 6B
Rnd 13 – 6B, 3LB, 1DB, 1LB, 2DB
Rnd 14 – 1B, 3DB, 1LB, 1W, 2LB, 6B
Rnd 15 – 6B, 1T, 2lB, 1W, 2DB, 3B
Rnd 16 – 5B, 1T, 1S, 1LB, 1T, 3W, 4B
Rnd 17 – 4B, 1W, 4T, 2W, 6B
Rnd 18 – 7B, 2W, 4T, 1W, 4B

Start decreasing

Rnd 19 – 3B, 1W, 1T, 1DB, 1T, 1R, 1T, 1S, 7B
Rnd 20 – 7B, 1W, 4T, 1W, 3B
Rnd 21 – 2B, 1W, 5T, 1W, 6B
Rnd 22 – 6B, 1W, 4T, 1W, 2B
Rnd 23 – 1B, 3W, 1T, 1DB, 1T, 1S, 5B
Rnd 24 – 5B, 1W, 3T, 2W, 1B
Rnd 25 – 1B, 1W, 1S, 2T, 2W, 4B
Rnd 26 – 4B, 1S, 4W, 1B
Rnd 27 – 1B, 2W, 1S, 1W, 4B
Rnd 28 – 4B, 3W, 1B
Rnd 29 – 7B
Rnd 30 – 6B
Rnd 31 – 5B
Rnd 32 – 4B
Rnd 33 – 3B
Rnd 34 – 2B
Rnd 35 – 1B



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