May Wrap Up



May turned out to be a really great month. My festival went really well, I managed to accomplish most of my goals, and I had some pretty decent and steady sales on Etsy. I ended the month with 23 sales for 26 items, including selling one of the first things I ever listed. I also made 150% revenue compared to last May. So all in all, it was pretty amazing.



Stuff I need to make:
2 kittens for Soka University Done! And they both sold!!
2 bearded hats for Soka University Done!! I had a lot of interest, but didn’t sell them. I did decide i need to make some larger ones though.
5 candy corn cocoons, size 3 month Ehh…these are mostly done.
Stuff I need to finish:
4 candy corn cocoons, size preemie Done!
4 candy corn cocoons, size 6 month Done!
Cockatiel blanket ** Done!
Stuff I need to make some progress on
The first doll in the new line Not hardly…
1 kitty koi corner to corner blanket (sadly, my lowest priority) Nopers.
Events I will be attending
Soka University International Festival! Done! And it went amazing!



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