Disney Wonder May 2015

This blog is long overdue. (because it has totally been a year since this vacation happened…but I figured I needed to post this before my next vacation!) I have been meaning to upload these photos and write this for months, but life has been so crazy and overwhelming!

I have been on a ship before…for entirely too much time actually. But, I have never taken a luxury cruise before. So, this was my first, and won’t be anything close to my last.

Our first day, we headed down to San Diego and were welcomed aboard. Chris was a little disappointed, because he said on the other one he had done, you took a photo with Mickey before coming on to the ship. We had gotten all dressed up for it, and had planned on using that photo for our wedding Save the Dates. But, it was not to be…so, we used a different photo instead. And, we needed to be dressed up anyway for our dinner reservations.

We headed up to the pool decks and joined in on the underway party. It was a little chilly, but we danced and ate pizza and just generally had a blast. We walked all around the ship, ran our abandon ship drill, AND we ran in to our favorite Disney cast member! We absolutely adore Sam, the ASL interpreter at Disneyland. As it turns out, he was hired out by DVC to attend to a deaf family who were on the repositioning cruise and the DVC member only cruise to Alaska. So, we said hi to him, and were overjoyed to see him perform at the nightly shows, and to hang out with him in the adult only lounges afterwards.

That first night, we had dinner at Palo. It was absolutely amazing. It was fun to dress up and go out to a lovely meal with top quality service. We skipped the Golden Mickeys for this dinner, and I don’t regret it at all.



The second day was a full sea day. Chris and I went and got a couples massage, and spent the day just generally relaxing. We watched Guardians of the Galaxy in the movie theatre, we watched Disney trivia, and we hung out on the ever freezing pool deck. We went to see the afternoon showing of the family friendly Magic show. For dinner, we ate at Parrot Cay, which was pretty good. We got to meet our table-mates, and we had a lot in common, so it was easy conversation. We went and watched the Toy Story musical that night. It was very funny, very well done, and definitely good for all ages. After Toy Story, we made our way down to the adult lounge and sang some karaoke. The host of the adult lounge was hilarious and was one of the best cast members we dealt with the entire cruise.



The third day, we pulled in to San Francisco, our one port of call. Pulling in, under the bridge, was really neat. I got some amazing pictures of the ship going under it. We were actually really disappointed by our tours. We took a guided tour of the Bay Bridge and Alcatraz…only it wasn’t really guided at all. We got dropped at a look out point for the Bay Bridge, then dropped at the ticket counter for Alcatraz. So, while those were awesome experiences, I feel like we should have done them at night, and on our own. That night, we went out to Chinatown, on another guided tour. That tour was just awful! The guide didn’t know where half the stuff was, kept taking us to places that were closed, and was really infringing on the locals. I definitely recommend walking through Chinatown during the day, when stuff is actually open, and taking a nighttime ghost tour of Alcatraz.



The fourth day was a full sea day. We went and watched Tomorrowland in the main theatre. We read while laying in a porthole. We went and bought more DVC points (in Aulani! squee!). We watched little kids meet characters. We actually went up to the pool deck, braved the bitter cold, and hung out in a hot tub! For dinner, we ate at Tritons. The food was great. I can’t remember if this was pirate night…or if it was the second night. I am pretty sure this was pirate night. Either way, for pirate night, we went up to the pool and danced around until I couldn’t handle the cold anymore…then we headed down to the adult lounge and did watched The Newlywed Game, live. It was hilarious…though some of the couples that were up there shouldn’t have been. But, they made fools of themselves and we found it hilarious.

The fifth day was a full sea day. This was definitely one of the coolest days for me. We went and learned how to fold towels into animals. We hung out at the pool and ate SOOOOO MUCH FOOD! We hung out at the lounge and people watched. We went and purchased our cruise photos. We had dinner at Animators Palate…which is just bloody amazing. The food is incredible, but the show is just…wow. The entire atmosphere of the restaurant is enough to make me want to take enough cruise. The pictures on the walls change colors and some of them move! It was sooo cool! And, those are by far the best uniforms the servers wear. 🙂 I really want one!

After dinner, we went and watched Disney Dreams. That show is just amazing. I laughed, I cried, I loved every moment of it. After that show, we headed for one final night in the adult lounge. We played 80s trivia, we convinced 10 women to remove their bras, we ran around and acted crazy. It was stress relieving…and awesome.

The sixth day, we pulled in to Vancouver in the early morning. We had our breakfast and waited FOREVER to get off the ship…then, we proceeded to photograph Canada for five days. I am not going to go into too much detail about Canada…since we spent most of our time eating. But, the highlights were…I totally left my purse, including my ID, passport, phone, wallet…in a Tim Hortons…when we finally got it almost 2 hours later, no one had so much as touched it! We were amazed!

We spent almost an entire day at Stanley Park, which was beautiful and amazing. We also spent most of a day at the Japanese Friendship Garden.

But yea. Vancouver was a whole lot of eating and wandering around downtown. We did not make it to the Hard Rock, which sucks because I go to the Hard Rock in every country I visit…every place really, and collect teddy bears. But, it was too far away and we just didn’t schedule things right. 😦

But, we had a great time, and it was relaxing, and totally what we needed.


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