Soka University International Festival 2016

Last Saturday, May 7th, I had the privilege of vending at the 2016 Soka University International Festival. I also vended at this event last year, and am excited to compare the two years.

In 2015, I had a booth near the children’s area. Which, we figured would be a great idea, I sell children’s products! Yay! Well, with the bouncy house, face painting, and dress up station, there was not a lot of focus on buying things. I did alright though, made 5 sales for 8 items. I made my booth fee back and a little on top, but not enough to cover the gas to get the to event. But mostly, I learned a very valuable lesson for craft fairs and etiquette.

This year, I chose a spot more central to the main event. My booth was right on the walkway from the parking lot, so no missing me and my Cutie Pie! Now, I actually discovered an even better area to be than this, though I certainly wasn’t hurting for traffic. The festival went really well for me. I managed 8 sales for 11 items, so not fantastic, but the best I have done at a festival yet. I managed to make back my booth fee, cover gas to get there and back, and still made a very small profit. So, yay! Progress! I also had a wholesale inquiry and several custom item inquiries.

I sold out of my newest product line that I hadn’t even photographed yet, the fat cat. Plus I sold several elephants a few owls. I also found a few projects that I need to work on before my next festival in June. I had several inquiries about larger bearded hats, larger candy corn hats, and headbands. So, hopefully I can whip some up and do even better come Patchwork in June!


So, here was my booth set up! Cutie Pie got to lead her own elephant army! The gridwall is all new and did wonders for organizing everything.



AND! Pretty much the coolest thing EVER happened to me! Sarah, from RepeatCrafterMe came by to check out the festival, and she loved my stuff! Especially Cutie Pie! I just about died! She is so sweet, and her kids are so adorable! It was amazing to get to meet her and I feel so accomplished that she actually liked my stuff! She’s the super celebrity of the crochet world. She also laughed and loved that I had several things she had designed. 🙂


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