Hug A Pug

My best customer came to me a couple months ago and asked for a special pug blanket. she sent me several photographs of a friend’s pug, and I was able to come up with a pretty neat corner to corner graph for it. I absolutely love corner to corner crochet. I am finding it a fantastic alternative to Tunisian crochet, which I totally suck at. Realistically, I can take just about anything, turn it into a pixel graph, and then make it into a blanket, or washcloth, or wall hanging, or whatever. It is really exciting!


This pug blanket was actually started in the emergency room of the VA hospital. My husband’s back went out, and we spent most of our day there. So, I figured it would take a long time and brought some stuff to start it. I actually made it a good ways before leaving the hospital. The left and upper right photos are at the hospital. The bottom right photo is before I went to bed that night.




I became totally obsessed with this project, and it was my continued focus before work.


Eventually, I did manage to find a less chaotic way to keep my yarn. The next time I work on a C2C project, I will show you how I organize the yarn so that it doesn’t look like the below disaster.



I was so excited when I started to finally really see the progress. I think this is why I love C2C so much. I feel like you see progress much faster. 🙂



Isn’t he noble looking?

img_5514 day…I got this far and had to go to work…I was not happy. LOOK HOW CLOSE I AM!



So, here he is in all of his completed glory. Ladies and gentlemen, feel free to hug the pug. 🙂



This is the back. The letters still need a little perfection, but he turned pretty well, much better than my first c2c project that required me to put a backing blanket on it!



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