Oreo – The Jerkface

My husband and I are so not cat people. We like dogs. Cats are just…well, they don’t fetch and they meow…and they are tiny little buggers that do a poor job of keeping my feet warm.


Oreo is an ancient cat. Seriously…he’s 21 and in tip top shape. Pretty sure he is immortal. He is my sister’s cat that she adopted from her boyfriend at the time, who took him in from his sister…My sister has had this cat since 2002 or 2003 or something crazy like that. When she got orders to Italy, she took him with her…then she got orders to Japan, and with the lengthy quarantine time and his age, we didn’t think he would survive the move…so, she left him with a friend.

Well…that friend got bored with him…so she dropped him off at my poor gramma’s house and just left him there.

So, last year around Thanksgiving, Chris and I were visiting, and I just felt so bad for this ancient, scraggly, pathetic cat…he was living in a room with my mom and a turtle…my mom works a lot, so he was alone all the time…and I couldn’t leave him like that…so…we took him home. We figured, he probably only had a couple months left. I mean, he was 18 after all! That’s old!

Well, he started having some litter box problems and wasn’t eating…so we took him to the vet, where we discovered via old vet records that he was not 18, as we all believed, but 21…and in great health. Our vet actually diagnosed him as a “grumpy old man” and that was all that was wrong with him.

So, we are stuck with this perfectly healthy, anciently old, annoying cat who hates everyone and everything…except feet…and refuses to eat dry food (seriously…he lost 6lbs before I caved and started exclusively feeding him wet food) and only poos in a litter box when he wants to…we had to lay down cheap bath mats for him to poo on…on top of providing him with 3 litter boxes with 3 different types of litter, that get scooped 4-6 times a day, and changed every single week, sometimes twice a week…he prefers the nice and cushy bath mats. Jerk.

And yet, I love him, and I can’t bring myself to drop him at a shelter because he is old, and I can’t let him die alone…though, I am pretty sure this cat is going to outlive me.

Oreo is not amused.

Β Β 


Oh, and we have to keep our butter in the fridge…because if we leave it on the counter, he jumps up and licks it…


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