Otter Snuggie (Pattern Review)

I could have sworn that I already wrote about this afghan, but I cannot seem to find it anywhere in the archives of my blog. So, if you already read about it, suck it up and read it again. πŸ™‚


Last year, coming up on Christmas, an old boss of mine asked me if I could make an otter blanket with sleeves for his wife for Christmas or Valentine’s Day.. So, of course, I took on this totally ridiculous job that I was not totally sure I was even capable of completing! But, I have always thrived under pressure, and learned best when I don’t have the option to fail…so, I started looking for basic snuggie type patterns. And I found one…and the comments made me feel badly, because it seemed absolutely impossible.

This is probably the most difficult pattern I have ever attempted. Now, the stitches are pretty simple, and really look very cool, but the sleeves, the neck, putting it all together. It was not simple. The pattern is not too specific and clear on how it gets put together. I ended up just sort of laying it out and staring at it until it seemed to match the photo.
I’ve never really worked a pattern with a strong and true RS/WS, which makes a huge difference in this pattern. You have to be able to tell the difference for them, or else it just doesn’t work. So pay close attention, because your odd rows are your RS, your even rows are your WS.


Now, I used a totally different yarn. I used 24 skeins ofΒ Lion Brand Jiffy and an M hook, so I had to make some adjustments. What I ended up doing was using the child count (ch 136 initially), then just adding the length to get the correct adult inches. Same with the sleeves, I used the child count to get the width, but did the length to match the adult inches. It worked out fairly well for me.

I made the neck line a lighter color, since otters have a slightly lighter face. Then, I just added in a face, tongue (totally required to be a true otter), tail, and feet. I am pretty happy with this project.

The photos show the size well. The blanket is laying on a twin sized bed. My husband is modeling it at his stunning 5’10”, and I am modeling it at an impressive 5’0″.

The good thing about this pattern, is you can easily make it longer, make the sleeves longer, make it a bit wider, whatever. It’s pretty easily adjusted. You just have to get the sleeves down. And while mine could have been better, they worked, and it was adorable. I even got a neat picture (which I won’t post because that’s rude) of her wearing it Christmas morning. πŸ™‚




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