Never Enough Time


Lately, I feel like there is never enough time to do anything that I need to. I have so many grand ideas, so many plans, and just not enough hours in my day. I really need to cut two hours out of my sleep schedule, but I’ve just been so tired lately. Not really an excuse, but I am finding it hard to run on 5 hours of sleep lately.

I have to get some new products out. I have to get some new product photos shot. I have to finish editing the photos I just shot. I have to finish these custom orders I am working on this month. I have to catch up and get ahead for Halloween. I have to work on stuff for the wedding. I have to start spinning the fiber I was given almost a year ago (not even sure if it is still good at this point…)! I have to focus on writing up the projects I have been working on. I have to finish this doll I have been making no progress on for months. I have to convert all of these patterns hastily jotted on the notes in my phone to actual form to get listed.

Ugh. I am stress just thinking about it. Plus, there is that whole me time, family time, life time thing. There are the animals, getting my house clean (which totally isn’t happening right now), and trying to coordinate major events (like my daughter’s high school graduation and our vacation). Ugh. Seriously…time turner…anyone?


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