Product Photos

If you list it, they will come. Haha. Seriously though, getting found in search is a ridiculously important part of listing things and having an online business. But, if your listing shows up and your picture sucks, it probably won’t do you much good. You need super amazing photos to go with your super awesome SEO.

Now, I’m definitely not tooting my own horn and saying my photos are amazing. But, hey, they are getting better.

I finally admitted that I desperately needed to do something about my terribly crappy photos. So, I spent some money on a few different backdropsΒ that were on sale, went to Michaels and bought a few props, and spent Saturday taking some new pictures. I only made it through 3 items, but i got tons of photos and even more listings ready along with it. πŸ™‚

So, here are my behind the scenes iPhone photos my husband took while I was shooting.

Β Β 
Β Β 
Β Β 

Β Β 

And here is my favorite of my final product photos! I am so excited!!


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