Clyve and Mikey – Baby Goats

In early 2015, my family went to Disneyland (surprise surprise!) and wandered our way over to the petting zoo area. I had been to Disney probably 100 times at this point, and had no idea there was a petting zoo! Of course, it is gone now, but man was it cool. There was Clarabelle, the mini heffer, a few horses, sometimes a donkey, a couple sheep, and lots of goats! They had both pygmy goats and Nigerian dwarf goats!

So, of course, I fell in love. And I jokingly told my husband that we needed to get some baby goats to mow our lawn. Little did I know, but the next day he started looking at goat breeders in our neighborhood. I mean, we do live in Horsetown USA. Well, Chris found one that is just down the road from our house actually, and they are the largest exporter of silkies (chickens), pygmy goats, and Nigerian dwarf goats on this side of the country~! So, we decided to go and just have a look…


We came home with Clyve. Well, actually, we picked him out, but couldn’t bring him home for a few days. But, here is my first goat baby. He is banded, de-horned, and a bottle baby. He lived in our home, in the big dog kennel, for his first couple weeks, because he was too little and could get out through the back gate! So, he lived inside until Chris could build him a home!

The day we brought him home was absolutely awesome. He was on a leash, sort of…really it was just a loop around his neck, and Chris handed him to me…genius idea. We decided to introduce Clyve to Akai first, since Missy can be so mean. So, Chris let Akai out front to meet Clyve, while I held the “leash”. Clyve got scared and tried to run. I was afraid he was going to hurt himself, so I did the only thing I could think to…I let go. Well…goats are FAST! This guy ran into my neighbor’s open garage…and than ran into the open garage door into their kitchen! Of course, Chris was right behind him, apologizing profusely. Even better, they asked what sort of strange dog that was…they laughed when Chris told them it was a baby goat.

Ā Ā 


A few weeks after getting Clyve, we decided to go get another baby Nigerian Dwarf Goat…his name is Mikey. Goats are social animals and need constant company. And Akai can only pretend to be a goat for so long…so, we went back to Amber Waves, our goat breeder, and picked out this beautiful painted baby. He is Chris’ buddy…he sort of hates me though…always trying to eat my hair.


The plan worked, and they are the very best of friends. They cuddle all the time. and they butt heads and play fight. And it is so adorable. Goats are the funniest pets.


We used to keep their alfalfa on a table right outside the living room window. So…imagine my surprise one day, when I am sitting there, watching TV, and all of a sudden a goat flies by the window. šŸ™‚ Mikey would climb on top of the hay and then leap off…so all you could see was flying goat. I sort of miss it. But, they were pooping on and ruining their hay bales…so we moved it into the shed in the back and they can either graze in the yard or eat from the feeder in their pen.


As you can see, my tiny little goat babies got quite fat. šŸ™‚


This is one of my favorite pictures. Mikey loves to sit in the kiddy pool, as long as there is no water in it. šŸ™‚ They are sunbathing.


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