Parrot Blanket

In February, I received a request for a custom blanket that had a similar shape to my owl blanket, but looked like their parrot. So, I ordered some of my favorite yarn, Lion Brand Hometown USA, and got to work turning the owl blanket that I had struggled with so thoroughly before into this killer parrot. Now, the pattern is modified some. Obviously I had to change the face because parrots don’t have horns. I also changed the nose and wings a small amount, to try and give him a more lean shape. And I added a pretty sweet tail. The tail is actually my favorite part.

I am quite proud of this guy. And I am even more excited because I got a message from this customer yesterday asking me to set up another listing and make another blanket based on their cockatiel! I am excited to get started on that, it should be so much fun! The colors for this second bird are absolutely amazing.

And, it totally gives me an excuse to buy more yarn…which I am not supposed to do, unless I have an order that needs it! Yay!




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