Miss Wigglesworth – Princess LazyPants

Miss Wigglesworth, aka Missy, came into our lives in August of 2013. Akai had been struggling, depressed, sad, and not eating. We knew it was because he was alone so much during the day, but what could we do? We had to work, and we worked far away and at really odd hours. He would just sit on the back of the couch, looking out the window. His tail would droop and he would get so sad.

So, we talked about it, talked to our trainer, and we decided he needed a companion. We wanted a big dog, someone he could really play with, because he wears little dogs out so quickly. Now, maybe a mastiff wasn’t the best choice, as we didn’t understand just HOW LAZY these dogs really are. But, Akai keeps Missy slender. He has taught her so many thing that truly make her the most dangerous mastiff ever…she can turn on a dime, she can balance on her back legs, she can back up, and man is she FAST! I am glad she is on our side.


When Chris picked her out, it was love at first sight. The breeder brought her to our home for a test run, to make sure she and Akai got along. I was at work, and Chris sent me a photo of her in our home, and Akai sleeping on top of her. I wish I still had that photo, but I didn’t horde photos like I do now. They were instant best friends. So, we decided she was the one. We got her at 11 weeks, and 22lbs.


Shortly after we got Missy, our best friends got a baby mastiff. An 8 week old girl named Posey. We had to dog sit for a week while they were out of town. So, we had an 8 week old puppy, 12 week old puppy, and 8 month old puppy in our home. It was a poopy, messy, loud, crazy, wonderful time in our lives.

Posey’s favorite place to sleep was inside one of the cubbyholes in our living room table. (Hey look! Yarn!)


Missy and Posey were fast friends. And Akai ran them both ragged. Every car trip involved snuggle time. 🙂 Unfortunately, our friends were not able to keep Posey, so we never got to see the joy of giant dogs loving each other. But, Posey went to a great home and has lots of other doggy friends, and Missy has her Akai, who is her best friend in the whole world.


Believe it or not, she was the runt of her little. Puppy 14 of 14. She was born dead. The breeder resuscitated her. And, she has a little nubbin of a tail. The breeder thinks that when momma mastiff was trimming umbilical chords, by the time she got to puppy 14, she was so tired, she just kept chewing, and chewed her tail off. It doesn’t hurt her, and it is sort of cute looking, so we have left it alone. The vet said the same thing, as long as we can touch it without her showing any signs of pain or aggression, she is fine and it is best not to put her under to try and amputate it correctly.



Actually, Akai is Missy’s second best friend. Chris is her true love. She would push me in front of a moving train to get to Chris’ arms. She loves him more than anything or anyone in the entire world. Now, don’t get me wrong, she loves me, but I am not her daddy. And I am not the one she NEEDS to love her and approve of her. They have had this bond from the very first day.



Missy made it through puppy training and the intermediate training. We couldn’t get her into the advanced training because a little after she turned one, she become really dog aggressive. Not even just dogs, all other animals. The only animal she likes is Akai. We have taken her to several trainers, the vet, read books, done everything we can. We have gotten her to the point where she no longer immediately attacks other dogs or animals, but if they get close, she will growl, snarl, lip quivering, and if they touch her, she will go after them.



Now, she has never hurt another animal. But, she has knocked several to the ground, pinned them there, and bared her teeth while keeping them there until Chris or I could physically pull her off. I am really glad we got her past that stage, but we are still trying to work on figuring out why she hates other animals so much. She has never been alone with any other animal except Akai, so we don’t know what could have happened. And it happens no matter where Chris and I are, so it isn’t a protective of us thing. It really came out of the blue one day. We were at the dog park that we would take them to every 3 or 4 days. It was all the same dogs as normal. A dog that she normally plays with came up to her, and she pinned the dog down and was growling. We got her off, checked the other dog, and put her leash back on, sat her with us, thinking she must just be tired and really cranky. Another dog got close and she almost hurt Chris trying to take off after it. So, we took her and Akai home. We went back a couple days later, and before we could even open the gate, she was trying to attack another dog. We kept her outside the park, let Akai play for a bit, and went home. We took her to the vet, told them what was going on. He checked her, said he couldn’t see a physical reason, like pain…we took her to the trainer, and we started working. But it just kept getting worse. I thought we were going to have to get rid of her. I couldn’t take her for walks, and we were living in an apartment. I couldn’t physically restrain her if she saw another dog. So, Chris had to walk her in the morning and when he got home, which meant she couldn’t go to the bathroom all day. Luckily, we found the home we are in now, where she has her own back yard to run and play, and no strange dogs to try and eat. So, we were able to keep her. And, like I said, she has gotten much better over the last year. She has no problems with our goats (even though she tried to eat one of them initially). She tolerates the cat to the best of her ability. She tolerates the neighbors dogs. And, when we take her for a walk, we can get her to sit and stay while another dog passes. She still trembles and growls some, but she no longer lunges or goes after them. So, progress! Yay!



Luckily, she LOVES humans. Especially kids. Their faces are good to lick, always has food on them. She is a total lap dog. She will curl up tiny as can be in your lap, all 140lbs of her (told you, she is the runt and so tiny!), and just sleep and cuddle and love you all day. She likes anyone we allow into our home. But she’s a great guard dog. When the sprinkler guy showed up without warning and we weren’t home, he went to let himself into the backyard to finish the work he was doing…Missy wouldn’t let him in. We were very proud of her. But, if Chris and I are home and not anxious, she will just love on anyone who comes through the door. And when 140lbs of dog demands you to love her, you love her.



This is Chris’ favorite photo of Missy. She was about 1.5 years old. And I am only slouching a little. Now, I’m short, 5′ even, but still…she’s a big girl.



She sits like a person, a lot.



When she went into her first heat, Chris bought her men’s Depends. He cut out a tail hole and used shirt stays to make some nifty suspenders for her. She’s hilarious. 🙂



This was her bone from this most recent Christmas. It was the bets Christmas present, EVER! It took her about 2 weeks to suck all the marrow out, chew the knuckles off, and break it into 4 pieces. Of those 4 pieces, 2 are still left.



She is basically the laziest dog ever. But Akai loves her, and he keeps her in good shape. And then she does this…all the rest of the day.



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