BBQ Cornish Game Hen

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to cook, I love to bake, but I do not have time to be the good little housewife I want to be. So, when I need to feel like a good wife and cook dinner, instead of letting my husband do it, I generally bust out my trusty crock-pot. It is my second favorite gift my husband ever got me. My first favorite is a break maker. 🙂 Amazing how all my favorite gifts directly affect his tastebuds and belly. 🙂

Seriously though, I work in the afternoons and late, late into the evening, Monday – Friday. So, I am not home for dinner all week long. So, Chris normally fends for himself. But, a couple nights a week, he has to feed his 10 year old, super picky and cranky eater. He normally does grilled chicken or pasta, so I figured, every once in a while, a change is needed. Now, she has a beef allergy, so change is still generally fish or poultry (we don’t keep pork in the house for my sake), but at least we can change it up from lemon pepper or garlic!


So, Friday morning, I had Chris bust out my trust buddy, Crock. Before I left for work, I set her for low, put in a still frozen Cornish game hen, slathered that baby with KC BBQ spread (and some salt and pepper), and left. Seriously. 3 minutes of prep time, because I can never get the wrapper off the frozen chicken, and that’s it.


I didn’t even use a pretty brush or anything to make it look elegant. Just squirt and go.


When my Chris and Haley got home, 5 hours later (which is important, because this takes 4-5 hours to cook on low), this is what he found. So, he took it out, dropped it on a cookie sheet, put some more BBQ sauce on it, and stuck in the broiler at 450F for 5 minutes.


And voila! A crime scene waiting in your kitchen!


We paired it with some boiled potatoes and carrots, though next time we will try putting the carrots and potatoes in the crockpot with chicken to cook. And a masterpiece that is a little different, a little more well balanced than chicken nuggets and no sides, and something my kid cleaned the bones on.


Now, our breasts were a little bit dry, so I recommend actually cooking it breast side down, so that it sits in the collected juices and sauce and stays a little more moist.


2 thoughts on “BBQ Cornish Game Hen

  1. My grandmother always crocked chicken breast-side down. But that was more because I had a cousin who would attack any part of the chicken that presented itself to him; and she wanted there to be enough meat for us, after his attack.


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