Operation China – Part 2

I wrote earlier this month about some charity work that I was focused on this month. So, I am just posting an update for where I am at. My goal is to have 5 blankets and 20 hats to donate. So, as of right now…


I have 1 blanket completed, 2 more that are almost done, and 1 that I am selecting from my already completed products, since this one is quite large. The other ones I have made were much more baby / young toddler sized. This one will at least work well for a child.




I have 8 hats completed. Luckily, these are pretty quick to complete. So, I should be able to knock out a few more in the next few days.


All told, I will probably not meet my goal. I don’t think I am going to be able to make a fifth blanket. I might, I am going to try, but my focus will be on finishing up the hats first.


Things got really crazy this month. Normally March is pretty laid back and slow, but I received two custom blanket orders, plus a huge amigurumi order. So, my fingers have been going like crazy. Luckily, I don’t really believe in sleep. 🙂


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