Akai Kuma – Love of my Life

I talk about him all of the time, I have even blogged about him before. But, I think it is time to truly introduce you to the love of my life.


This is my baby, Akai Kuma. He is a little shiba puppy that we got back in March of 2013. Look at how tiny he was!!


We named him Akai Kuma, Japanese for Red Bear, because of his coloring, and because when shibas are fluffy, like in Japan, they look like bears. Of course, he grew up to look like a fox because he isn’t super fluffy, since it doesn’t regularly snow over here. But, the name is still fitting, and he answers to it, so that is what matters!


My older step-daughter has claimed him as her own. He is her very best friend,. and has been from the start.


For as long as we have had him, he has been a “broken neck” dog. I swear, he sleeps in these odd positions with his neck throw back so that his ears touch his shoulders. It is crazy! And he is happiest when sleeping on top of someone. We think he has positive thigmotaxis, meaning that he responds best to pressures and touches. He will lay as far away from us as possible, but stretches out his leg / paw to make sure he is touching someone, just a little bit.


These are some of the photos that my friend, Rick, took during our photoshoot in April 2013, that blog is to come later. Look at that precious face!! (edit…here it is!)


Akai despises water. Bath time has always been a nightmare and traumatic event in our home for him. When he was little, I would have to get into the bathtub with him, and sit and hold him and pet him while my husband bathed him. He is better now, but still shakes and whimpers. But, since he insists on rolling in the dirt and playing with the goats, he cannot avoid being bathed!


Akai made it through 3 puppy trainings at Petsmart, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. We were going to take him through the Skills/Tricks class as well, but we started having so many problems with our other dog, that it just wasn’t feasible.


From the get-go, this guy has had me wrapped around his fingers. He is the sweetest, most loving dog in the world. When he wants to play, he will bring his rope to you and dump it on your face. He will reach out with a paw and tap on your hand. He will also just throw himself completely across you to sleep and get some belly rubs.


Oh, and if you really ignore him, he will just sit on your head. 🙂




4 thoughts on “Akai Kuma – Love of my Life

  1. Can I just thank you for attaching your dog to the seatbelt in the car? I see sooo many people who just allow their dog to be loose. He’s a member of your family. If you buckle your other kids for safety, why don’t you buckle your furry kid?

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    • It absolutely kills me to see dogs running around in cars! Especially the people who let them sit in their lap up front! Hello! Airbags! Both of our dogs wear harnesses that get looped, using a cat collar for Akai and a harness strap for Missy, around the LOCKED seatbelt! We learned to lock the seatbelt the hard way, when Akai tried to jump out of the window! That harness / seatbelt saved his life that day.

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