Donald is Getting Married!

A while back, I wrote about our wedding plans. I just wanted to leave a quick update on my total lack of progress towards some of my goals.

The individual gifts have been nixed. We do have a pretty cool individual name placard for everyone, plus a candy buffet as a parting gift. However, there is definitely no time to crochet each person their own item. Life got way too hectic for that. That whole concept of dedicating my Sundays to the wedding stuff, well, that didn’t work at all.

As for my brilliant idea of making a Disney couple for each table, that idea may also get scrapped…or at least re-organized. With only 6 months to go to the wedding…I have exactly 1 amigurumi completed. So, that leaves 17 or 35 more to go, depending on which route I go down. That is not very promising. Especially with how busy this month will be, and how insane everything is all the time!


So, let’s see what I have not accomplished so far! Well, I started Donald and Daisy Duck…It is all free handed, no patterns. I just sort of looked a photo of them and went with my gut. now, I wish I had understood felt eyes a little bit better before making these, because the eyes really kill the actual look of the characters…the round eyes don’t look anything like them. But, I did get both heads done, and then even finished Donald completely! So, here’s to hoping I can finish Daisy AND a few others this month, though it isn’t looking good.




I absolutely love his tails the best. 😀



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