February Wrap Up


February was a surprisingly good month. I had a great time, sales wise, and even landed two pretty amazing custom blanket orders.

I ended the month with 24 sales for 24 items. And, I tripled my revenue between last year and this year. I am totally astounded and thankful for all of the support!

Now, goals wise, I did not do so hot. 😦


  • Stuff I need to make
    • 1 kitty koi amigurumi
      • Nope. Didn’t even get started.
    • 1 kitty koi corner to corner blanket
      • I am actually almost done with this! It should be completed in the next couple days!
    • 5 candy corn cocoons, size 3 month, (in preparation for Halloween already!)
      • Nope…I am about halfway done with these…and I really, really need to finish them! Can’t fall behind!
    • Something for St Patrick’s!
      • I actually accomplished this one!
    • Stuff I need to finish
      • The first doll in the new line
        • I may have gotten frustrated and angry and set it to the side…


    • Stuff I need to make some progress on
      • Mythical creatures amigurumi
        • Didn’t even have time to consider it.


So…while the month really did go well, there was definitely a lot more I could have focused on. I blame being on the night shift for a week. It screws up my sleep schedules and makes me less productive. Here’s to hoping March goes a little smoother!


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