Help me out?


I haven’t posted much recently, mostly for lack of things to post! I have been so busy with so many different projects! I have 4 large WIP right now (2 corner to corner blankets, 2 amigurumi), plus I just received an awesome custom order, but it is another blanket that will take some serious time! I have also been super busy trying to get my ravelry store launched and writing a ton of new corner to corner patterns.

I am also working on splitting the blog off. I think I am going to keep this one focused on Etsy and crochet, and allow the other one to focus more on life and Disney, that sort of thing. I think it will help better reach a target audience. Though, I am not sure…Maybe you guys could help by taking this really super quick one question survey? It even opens in a new page. I would greatly appreciate it! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Help me out?

  1. To expound on my survey answer- I like it when a blog is not just one-dimensional. Sure- I love seeing crocheted stuff, but I also like knowing what’s going on. Celebrating your birthdays with you, and seeing some highlights from trips- things like that. It makes you seem like a person, not a crochet-machine.

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