Disneyland Engagement Shoot with White Rabbit Photo Boutique

Part of our wedding photography package included an engagement shoot at Disneyland. So, I just wanted to share some of my favorite photos and our experience.

We are working with Jenna from White Rabbit Photo Boutique. She is a Disney preferred photographer, as well as a former cast member. She is absolutely amazing. She is super active, sweet, and friendly. She is genuinely interested in making your day, your shoot, your everything the most incredible and easy experience possible.


We had originally planned to do the shoot just after New Years, so that we could get all of the holiday decorations in the background, but it started raining and just didn’t stop that entire week! So, we went the following Monday, Jan 11th.

We started right at park opening, 10am, and hit every major location in Disneyland, all before 12:30pm! The historical attendance on that day is about 48%, so, especially at park opening, we had a nice, empty park to work with! I am amazed! Over the nearly 300 shots she sent us, only a few have anyone else in them. It looks like we closed down Disneyland just to do our shoot!

Anyway, thanks for letting me ramble and overwhelm you with photos. I am just so amazed at how great these turned out!







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