Text Speak


Maybe I am just a haughty jerk, but, I have found that when I am shopping on Etsy, grammar matters. I am not talking publishable quality writing, but at least 8th grade grammar and spelling skills.

I can generally tell when a listing is auto-translated (and the pain of that is an entirely separate post), or when the seller doesn’t speak English as a first language. I am not talking about that. I lived in Japan without being able to read the language or speak it fluently. So, I have great respect for people who speak more than one language and make an effort to speak to me in a language I understand.

What I am talking about is the stereotypical 13 year old girl text speak.
U no. Wen dey typ lik dis n u haf 2 try 2 figr out wut dey b sayin.
Maybe I am older than my years, but it makes my brain hurt and I won’t bother to read it. It makes you sound unintelligent and immature. And I do not want to buy from someone I view as immature, because if there is a problem, I want a mature adult to be the one trying to resolve it.

However you want to text your friends, go for it. But, when listing something for sale or representing your business, remember that professionalism matters. Even if you sell something silly and fun.


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